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    Can anyone tell me what the hours are on the AN island? Also, are there any times that they wouldn't run the boat to the island? Read in some of the reviews about how water sports get cancelled when waves are high, but does this affect the island access at all? And lastly, is end of april to mid may a good time to be there? Looking at that time frame presently. Want to make sure weather during that time is acceptable. Thanks.

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    We are now at CTI and had a few days of high winds. We were unable to go to TI for a day and a half. Normally we are here in Sept and not usually a problem. Also here October and November and not a problem. You are in the tropics and can happen any time. The island is open from 9 - 5 unless a wedding is scheduled and the times may vary but they try to extend the time on prior days so you do not miss out on island time.

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    You guys are still there? I'm jealous!!! It's cold back here in Missouri, sure do miss the good people and the weather down there. It was a pleasure meeting both of you as well as all the other good people of the island. Enjoy yourselves and I hope we meet again. Randy and Kelley

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    Thanks for the info. We're hoping not to miss any island time. Realize there's always a risk, but with no au natural on the beaches, we'd miss out all together. One of the main reasons we picked this resort was the great reviews and the island. We're booked now for end of April. Hoping for perfect weather.

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    What's the deal with them closing for weddings? How often does this happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurfCat View Post
    What's the deal with them closing for weddings? How often does this happen?
    According to the website, they only do island weddings on Saturdays. They are also fairly pricey, and they only do one. So, according to a post from Randy when they started the service, the island will close at about 4 but open earlier.

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    Thanks for the reply. That doesn't sound too bad. I hate missing even an hour of Island time though.

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    Just got back from CTI last night and basked in the sun on the island every day! It opened late on Wednesday this week because of high winds and rough seas. Also was closing an hour late on Friday (6pm) and hours today were 8-3 because of a wedding. Like others said, it's pricey compared to the mainland weddings and they limit them to 1-2 per week and only 1 per day on those specified days. We had AWESOME weather and ran into 2 couples from 5 years ago! Great times on the island :-) 360 days and counting til we come back home!

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    I can't remember whether they shut the Island down on this day in July of 2005 or not.

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    We were there for a week from the 5th to the 12th, and the island was closed for 5 of the 7 days. It was not fun!

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