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    My husband and I have been to Couples Swept Away before and have stayed in the Ocean View Verandahs. We were not able to return last December due to my husband having back we are really looking forward to a return in December 2012. We decided to mix it up a bit this year, and we are going to try the Atrium Suites. I warned him about the lack of glass behind the shutters and the fact that it would be warmer and noisier than the Ocean View Verandah rooms and he still said OK. Please tell me we are not making a mistake!!


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    Not making a mistake. We love the atruim. Once you close the heavey wooden shutters the room gets quite cool. Tree frogs are a bit loud,but earplugs takes cares of that.

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    The atrium suites are louder then the OVS, if the sounds of tree frogs and early morning birds bother you. Due to their location, and the fact they are pretty well sounded by lots of tropical foliage. There is very little foot noise. But seriously, the tree frogs can get pretty loud.
    Due to all the foliage around these rooms, I found them to have a cool temp. We would turn on our a/c when we arrived in the room, and it cooled off in about 10 minutes.
    LOVE the atrium suites !

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    Just be SURE hubby knows there is NO TV in the Atrium Suites....Otherwise, we find them just lovely. If he's able to climb stairs after his surgery, the upstairs rooms are quite nice with the vaulted ceilings and a bit of extra privacy (but the bathroom wall doesn't go up to the ceiling). The downstairs rooms are lovely as well (with a full wall separating bathroom from bedroom). For extra privacy below, there are sailcloth "walls" that can be lowered to block sun or people....

    We really enjoyed our stay in the Atrium....and we find the "old" section to be quieter and more our style than the newer section.

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    Absolutely love the atrium suites. One of the best things about CSA. I was disappointed in the tree frogs when we were there though. I wanted them to be louder. They seemed really loud at CN, and I loved that because it put me to sleep. I'm one of those people that need a box fan to sleep every night so the tree frogs at CN were a great replacement. I wish they made a tree frog CD I could play at home and then I could get rid of my fan.
    Also, it wasn't too warm to sleep. In fact, I feel like we probably had the best sleep of our lives on that comfie bed in the Atrium Suite at CSA. Heaven!

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    Thank you so much for your input and support. I did tell my hubby that there was no TV and he is OK with that. Now...we just have to wait for December!!

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    Tree frogs help me fall asleep. I even have an app on my phone for it!

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    Get the app "Relax and Sleep"!!!

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