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    Default Scared to scuba? How about off the CTI, SSB, CSS, beach snorkeling

    We are 37 years old and we have done the snorkeling at CTI and CSA. We are strong swimmers however, have only been in the ocean for about 2 weeks on last year's vacation. We were wondering how the watersports people handle new people's fears about sharks, currents, big fishes, breathing under water, and other issues that may arise when dealing with newbies first dives. Also, was curious how many dives you can go on without a charge and what we can do in Iowa at the Y's pool to help facilitate us enjoying scuba. I also don't wear glasses and only have contacts so, will I be able to wear my contacts while diving?I have -2700 vision in both eyes and only wear gas perms. Also, has anyone snorkled off of the SSB beach, CSS main beach, or CTI's beach and how safe is it? Are the currents bad and waht should we look out for when snorkeling on our own? Last time in June at CTI the waves were trying to push me into the shallow reef out by the Island at CTI though I still had a blast. We saw lots more coral at CTI then we did at CSA. Too many boast at CSA however, got my first good look at a big jellyfish and then grabbed my hubby before he swam into it and we swam the other way. LOVED THE MOON JELLYFISH!!!!

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    I found the scuba guys to be really reassuring and patient, and you can always opt out at any time.

    Yes- you could wear your contacts. I have glasses, so bought a "diopter appropriate" mask online for about $45. It was great, so I could actually see without having to worry. Check other threads about snorkeling off the beach- at least at CSS, the watersports guys wouldn't "check out" snorkeling equipment for snorkeling off the beach- they save that for the actual trips. We had heard this, so brought our own, and went offshore lots. Snorkeling off Sunset Beach was really beautiful, and a lot of fun! Watch the sunburn ! Lots of interesting corals, shells, and sea urchins- we went out to the tip of the peninsula. It's a bit of a colder water entry because of the river there, but once you get out 50 yards or so, the water warms up nicely. Have fun!

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