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    Default Booked CSS!! Have a question.

    We booked CSS for Feb 2013 to complete the 4-pack. We go to CN in 38 days!! Sweeeet! We booked a One Bedroom Ocean Suite. Which block is preferred. I told them D block would be preferred but only because that is the block the woman I was talking to liked. I'm hoping some CSS experts will offer their opinions. I can call back and change my preference if suggested. Thanks, Jeff

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    Block D is nice because it's relatively in the middle of the resort. This makes it easier to get to everything. We've stayed in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite in Block G and loved the sunsets from our balcony. Enjoy whichever block in which you find yourself staying.

    Bart & Bug

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    I believe the one bedroom ocean suites are only in blocks A and B which are closest to the beach. We stayed in D block and loved it because it had a great view while being central in the resort. Blocks F and G have the best views because they are up the cliff but are farthest from the beach.

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    We just got home from CSS we stayed in the B block which is still an one bedroom ocean suite. I don't know if there will be much of a difference between the blocks they will all be about the same distance, we were on the ground floor which was nice a few other couples said the stairs up to the third flood some very long after a late night but they had a great view from up there. When we go back we will book the same block again the spot was just perfect for us, I hope will have just as great of a time as we did enjoy.


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    2-4-jamaica you are incorrect. The only room category in blocks A and B are the BEACHFRONT suites.

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    Blocks A & B are One Bedroom BEACHFRONT, not one bedroom ocean. The one bedroom ocean are in D, E G I believe. We have stayed in the D block and really liked it because it is right in the middle of everything. But I have heard the view from the other blocks are fantastic. So, I think you will enjoy whatever block you get.

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    jeffdawnNH, hopefully we will run into each other at CN, today is our 38 day countdown, (arriving Feb 27th)! We're John and Kristi from upstate NY. This is our first trip to CN, but have been to CSS 3 times and will be going there for 4 days after CN on this trip. At CSS, we always book 1 BR Ocean suites and I prefer the G block rooms, for the balcony views and close proximity to the spa and gym. D Block is a bit more central to everything, but you can't really go wrong with any location. Bad thing about G block is that if you forget something in your room that you want for the beach, it is a bit of a hike back to your room, but you can always call for the golf cart. In the past, if our room wasn't exactly like I had hoped, the amazing staff have tried to offer us different locations, either immediately or the following day. I just can't wait to get out of this cold and back home to Couples!

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    I believe Block A & B are the one bedroom beachfront suites.

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    Don't confuse the Beachfront suites with the Ocean suites...the Beachfront suites are blocks A and B, and Ocean suites are blocks that aren't those two

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    A and B blocks are the beachfront jacuzzi suites.

    Block D is our favorite because of the walk-in shower. I want one of those at home.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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