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Thread: April 29-May5

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    Default April 29-May5

    We plan to be in Sans Souci these days.looking to meet some couples before we arrive.

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    There will be plenty of couples going around the same time.

    See you on the beach!
    Sue&Mike CSS
    4/24 to 5/3 2012
    B Block

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    We'll be there May 1-8th - I'm sure we'll see you there!

    Hopefully D Block(?)

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    we will be there that week. what is a good room to request? or are they all good?

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    Wahoo!! Counting down the days. We will be there April 29th-May 7th


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    Two weeks to go!
    Can we preorder our first round of drinks at the pool bar?
    See you soon!

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    We'll be there May 1 - 11th so we'll see a lot of you there

    sandijam - Most of the rooms are great but there are a few exceptions - & the exceptions depend a lot on what your needs are...

    The main thing is communication - tell them your primary needs / desires ( quiet? fewer steps? view? large/private balcony? easy access to beach/restaurants? ) & they'll do their best to accommodate you...

    When we arrived two years ago we didn't like the first room they gave us & they didn't hesitate to let us see another one.

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    We'll be there on the 28th-5th. Can't wait.
    Sun...friendly and ting...
    Bring it on!
    Aaron & Nicole

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    Does anyone plan to run any? We would like to run 3-5 miles at least twice at a 10 min pace....

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    my wife and I will be there may 1-10 for our 25th anniversary. Were first timers to any of the Couples Resorts and we picked CSS. Sounds like we made a great choice

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