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    I can't seem to post my question the message board!? Does this work?

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    This MB is monitored, so your post show up the next day.

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    Yea, I am feeling pretty dumb now! I tried posting several times, before I figured it out. The message the MB displays to tell me that only displays for like 1-2 seconds, so I didn't read fully it til I had already posted several times. Oops!

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    Default Just takes time!

    I can't see my posts anywhere and it has been 3 days!
    Here they are! LOL!
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    I would imagine with the concern for Tropical Storm Isaac, they have been pretty busy with other issues. The message boards are monitored and messages do not show up right away. If someone is on vacation or other issues it may be several days. Took me a while to figure this all out as well, but now I just go with the flow. If you need an answer very quickly about a reservation or concern with your reservation you should just call their toll free number. 57 days till Anniversary trip to Couples Swept Away. Soon come mon.

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