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    Default Have to wait a whole year!!!

    So my hubby and I have been to CN 3 times now and he decided he just had to try something new this year so
    we are going to Mexico instead. Luckily I found another couple on TA that normally goes to Jamaica but is
    trying Mexico for the first time at least I'll have someone that understands that I'm torn

    I have already made my hubby promise to take me back to my beloved CN next year. To all our friends that we
    usually see the end of January....have a Rum Cream and a Monte Cristo for us and we will be back next year!


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    Oh dear - many years ago I went through the same thing with my hubby wanting to try somewhere else and we did try out Mexico, St Lucia, Dominican Republic, among others, but he soon gave up and agreed that there is absolutely nowhere to compare with Couples Jamaica. Hopefully your hubby will realise the same after your visit to Mexico.

    We did enjoy our other holidays, especially St Lucia and Mexico where we stayed at similar over 18 adults only hotels, but Couples is unique so we now don't go anywhere else in the Caribbean and consider CTI our home away from home. I'm sure you will enjoy Mexico, we stayed at Riviera Mayo location which is more quiet than Cancun and we really enjoyed the experience - larger hotel, more marble, jacuzzi in bedroom, etc, etc, which helped to make up for missing Couples.

    Have a great Mexican holiday and when you return to CN next year you and your hubby will enjoy and appreciate CN even more.

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