What started out at T- 289 days has finally reach T-11 days. I want to give big "thank you" to all the people who post on this message board . Thanks for all of the great information that I was able to find, the beautiful pictures that some have shared & the honest opinions that were given. When I return from our trip I look forward to being able to help out others like I was helped.

Also, I want to say "Hi" to the others that I will soon be meeting . (Jan 27- Feb 3)~Jeniper, Ill see you in Atlanta. ~TNR (tiffany & randy) (darren & monica) We will see seeing you at the airport. Im a short dark hair lady with highlights and glasses. Dave is a taller blonde. Come introduce yourself. ~Clare will be ther on the 28th to join our party, and lastly a shout out to ~Cseguin7130 (claude) who will be joining on the 30th.

Anyone else out there going to be there during this time? It is always neat to meet people from all over. Drop in, leave a line or two and let us know who you are and what dates you will be arriving.

Wearing my long johns in minnesota.... aka Tara