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    Hi. My fiancee and I are looking to get married at CSA over the Christmas holidays and I was thinking to myself no reason to leave before New Years. So, I was wondering if anyone knows if the resorts do anything special for New Years Eve or if I should save the money and leave prior ro New Years?

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    No one seemed to know so I emailed Couples and they responded with this:

    At Couples Swept Away, for Christmas, there is a spectacular dinner party followed by a carol service. For New Years Eve, there is a pre-dinner cocktail party, an elaborate buffet and a party with great musical performances.

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    I can not imagine that Couples would let this day slide by without doing something tremendous. They KNOW how to throw a me!!!

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    Heck no! Couples throws a HUGE New Year's Eve party. It's the biggest buffet I've ever seen complete with ice sculptures, free flowing sparkling wine, noise makers, party hats. Definitely stay for the party!
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    Default New Year at CN

    The party that Couples puts on is one of the most awesome that I've ever been. I've done one at COR and 2 at CN and dearly wish that I could be there this New Year with our friends (who will be there!)

    The food at Couples CN is fantastic anyway but at New Year the staff put on the most amazing array of stations, music and entertainment.

    I couldn't think of a better place to be.

    Hope this helps

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    we were at CTI in 2007 for both Christmas and NY. They went all out and we had a great night. We will be at CN this year for both holidays. Can't Wait!

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