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    Default Can you visit other Couples Resorts in Jamaica?

    Hello! After extensive research, we have finally decided on Jamaica for our HM and are leaning towards Negril. We aren't sure if we want to stay at CN or CSA--both have great reviews on TripAdvisor and I have also read a lot of reviews from this board.

    I know that S allow you to stay at 1 and play at other S in the area, but I'm not sure if Couples allows this as well? We decided against Sandals b/c you get a lot more with Couples and they have much better ratings & reviews too!

    This is our 1st time going to Jamaica, for our 1 year anniversary, so any other helpful tips you have, places that are a "must-see" (even though I hear there isn't a lot to do outside of the resorts) or recommendations on either CN or CSA, would be great!

    We want to spend some time on the beach which is really important to us and we are pretty laid back and relaxed people and really enjoy meeting all sorts of different people, but also like our privacy too.


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    You can spend a "day" at the other resort if you are a Romance Rewards member I believe, and maybe you don't have to be a member. Anyway you can go to the resort closest to you. Fun day and well worth seeing the other place. We stay at CN, will be there in 31 days and 20 hours not that I am counting for the 4th year in a row, and will go to CSA. In October we are going to CSA, but I doubt if we do the "Trading Places" for a day since we know what CN is like.

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    Charlene - congratulations on your one year anniversary. I think that you will be very pleased with choosing Couples! Just for background, we have been to CSA 5 times and CSS once. While at CSA, we took advantage of the Couples "Trading Places" program and visited CN. As long as you sign up for the Romance Rewards program in advance (it's easy to do on this website), you can do Trading Places. The days that Trading Places happens are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can sign up with the concierge at your resort. The van picks you up at 10:00 and returns around 4:00. You can eat and drink to your hearts content at the other resort during that time.

    As far as WHICH resort to choose, there are a few differences to note between CSA and CN. If you are looking for an au naturel beach, then you must pick CN. If you are looking for one of the best sports complexes in the Caribbean (including 10 tennis courts and a lap pool) then choose CSA. If you want a room directly on the beach, choose CSA. CSA is bigger with more dining options, but CN has a great pool scene.

    And there is PLENTY to do off-resort. Just be sure to hire a reputable guide (the concierge will help you). You can choose from touring Mayfield or YS Falls to going to Ricks to watch the cliff divers and the sunset. Rick's was just featured on the Travel Channel's "21 Hottest Spots in the Caribbean."

    Good luck!

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    Hey. We chose CSA and loved it. If you sign up on here for romance rewards you can get the chance to go visit CN once during your visit. The do this a couple of days a week and you just book it when you arrive. The bus picks you up in the morning and returns you in the afternoon.

    We did this also and I think, to be honest, you fall in love with the one you go to first, which was certainly the case for us. We liked CN and it was nice and the food was lovely, but we missed CSA so much.

    If you like the beach, both are lovely. The CN beach is deep and wide and the CSA beach is shallow and very very very long. You may be able to get more privacy on the CN beach due to the sheer size of it but we managed to get enough privacy on the CSA beach and loved the fact that we could walk seven miles if we wanted to (which we did attempt lol).

    We did think that the beach right outside CN was lovely but when we walked out to the left we found the sand very course, so much so I couldn't walk on it and had to turn back. We didn't find this at CSA, but maybe it was just a time of year thing or a recent event that made it like this.

    We would personnaly recommend CSA as we LOVED it and are planning to go back for our honeymoon next year (I proposed to my boyfriend there lol).

    I'm sure whichever one you pick, you will fall in love with.

    Good luck on your decision.

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    You can do a one day trading places with CN and CSA. We've been to CN 3 times and are returning on the 7th of February. The beach at CN is the most beautiful beach we've seen......cannot wait to be back.

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    If you are a beach person and want a bit more privacy I'd pick CN. Both resorts are beautiful but I don't think anything compares to the CN beach. It's not as busy. We are doing trading places this year only because I just can't get enough of Sea Grapes at CSA. Sweet potato chips and the dips..MMMM! If CN had a Sea Grapes then I probably would only go to CN forever. (just kidding...we also love the Atrium Rooms at CSA).
    The first one we went to was CN and loved it so we were a bit afraid to try CSA. We tried CSA and loved it. So now we just take turns. One year CN, next year CSA. This April is CN's turn and we are SO excited. Whatever one you choose, you will love. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

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    If you want to stay later past 4pm, like for dinner, you pay 75pp for a night pass and transport is on your own. Resort credits do not cover the cost as you pay at the other resort when you arrive. There is also a day pass, but trading places pretty much covers that time, 10am to 4pm.

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    Thank you, one and all, for the heads up about signing up for the rewards program. We're headed out in the morning to CN for over a week, so might want to check out CSA and the beach down there. CN beach is nice and quiet, but I think at some point I will want to see more activity. Just signed up a few minutes ago... just in case.

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    So, for trading places you have to leave by 4 or you pay $75.00 per person? What if you just wanted to hang out a bit more and then walk the beach home? Or what if you wanted to walk the beach home early and you weren't on the shuttle back, will they still charge you because you didn't show up on the shuttle? Do you have to check in when you arrive back? Or do they only charge you extra if you stay for dinner?

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    You can't walk the beach to get between CSA and CN. Also by providing only 1 shuttle to do the exchange they know how many people are at the other resort. Of course if you took a cab back I guess they would not know accept if they got the cab for you. When we do the trading places we are very ready to go back at the appointed time.

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