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    So I was trolling Trip Advisor...just like I do this MB and noticed a post from someone about a 'Love Bus' tour that just started not to long ago. See the post below.........

    Now the real treat of this trip was the Love Bus. We'd heard about a free bus tour (just started 2 months ago) to local pubs (I do mean local) and I e mailed the company to make reservations. I won't go on about it here but it was the highlight of our trip and we would do it again in a minute. If you want info on this tour I'll do a review under "attractions" and include pictures.

    I tried to find more about it on TA but to no luck Does anyone know anything about this or have any info on it? It sounds like something that would be fun however I would like more info on it..any would be appreciated

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    We did the One Love Bus Tour at the very end of November and thouroughly enjoyed it. As Couples is not involved in any way with this tour, I won't use their MB to thoroughly discuss it. Email me at and I'll let you know the details. We had a great time on the pub crawl, and will be doing it again next year.

    Jeff & MB

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    We did this last month and had a blast. It occurs every Wednesday and is NOT affiliated with Couples. The bus picked us up at the CN lobby at around 2:30 and headed to the Cliffs. It stops at about 5 to 7 different establishments each week (about 30-45 min's per stop). There is no real set schedule. And I can't tell you exactly where they will go on any given Wednesday. They make sure that you are cliff-side to catch the sunset. We went to one more bar after sunset and then were returned to CN in plenty of time for dinner (6:30 or 7:00ish if I remember). The ride is free. Just tip the driver.

    For pickups please call 876-874-6631 or email Contact them a day or two in advance to reserve your spot. I think the bus driver's name is Vincent.

    Randy, if this is too much information, you won't hurt my feelings if it doesn't get posted.
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    you can find info in this at or

    it's all about the kids

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    Is there anything like this in Ocho Rios?

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    yes!!!! this sounds awesome! thanks everyone, and especially to you randymon for letting this thread fly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovinsean View Post
    Is there anything like this in Ocho Rios?
    I'd like to know this too.

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