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    Default young couples first week in march???

    My boyfriend and i are going to be at CTI the 3-10th and we are very excited!! we are a young couple (21 and 23) and hoping there are some other young couples coming this week!!! not that age is a factor... I'm sure we can find some great people to drink and dance the night away with!!! can't wait hope to meet some of you there!! <3
    lydia and mike

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    32 more days!!

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    We'll be there in 51 days from now, we were just wondering if you might be able to post something about your experience there as a fellow young, fun loving, party kinda couple. We keep hearing mixed reviews about nightlife and all that, and would like to hear back from someone who is there 2 weeks before we get there for a little more up to date trip report. If you don't post here, you can send to if you'd like. Hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy the island!

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    no problem!! were going to have a great time i kno!! ill let u kno when we get back we cannot wait!!!

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