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    Default Tower Isle Wedding 10-15-11

    When I was looking to get married at Tower Isle, I remember looking on this thread for post/pictures of weddings actually on the island. It made me a little skeptical not actually knowing what it was going to entail. Looking back at my wedding day, and I know most brides say this, but I wouldn't of changed a thing. My main concern with a destination wedding was still getting to have all of the important parts of a wedding, which would be done at home. I wanted to make sure that we got to have our first dance, my dad would get his father/daughter dance, the toasts & cake cutting. I also wanted it to be private, no one else would be around except the people that we wanted. What I loved the most about our wedding at Tower Isle, is that we felt like we were on our own private island and it was just for us. Which, in reality it really is. Looking at past weddings (which were beautiful), it always concerned me seeing other guests of the hotel in the background. I knew that when we would look back at our wedding pictures, I wanted the pictures to relfect us and our day. Not the scenery or images of strangers. Having our wedding on Tower Isle made this all possible and more. I know another concern for brides as well for me was photography. I was very skeptical of using the resort photograhper because you aren't sure if they have the professionalism that you're looking for. I can honestly say that I couldn't be more pleased with our pictures. Our resort photographer was professional, accomadating, and very easy to work with. He gave us suggestions, poses, and helpful tips. He captured beautiful moments of our special day.

    Here is a link, I hope you feel the same way

    My husband and I were so pleased with the staff and coordinator at Tower Isle. They helped make our day a memorable one. My suggestion to brides is don't stress about the small things. Enjoy this time and your special day. In the end, the only thing that matters is the person waiting for YOU!

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    Nice pictures! I love your dress! congrats!

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    WOW!!! Your pictures brought tears to my eyes, they were so beautiful. What a fantastic wedding venue, almost wish we weren't already married so that we could do it on the Island. Your dress is gorgeous and I love your shoes! I'm sure future brides will be pleased to know that the bride can still wear high heels shoes for the crossing to the island. It looks as though everyone had a wonderful time, which is not surprising given the very special venue.

    Congratulations and all best wishes for your future together.

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    beautful pictures, thanks for sharing. I love your dress!

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    Thanks for sharing, you looked beautiful. How long did u stay on the island. Did you have any food on the island

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    We had the island available to us for 4 hours. With the ceremony and everything we were on it about 3 hrs. We had hors d' oeuvres and cocktails on the island. We were giving a list of options and then could choose 2 hot/2cold.
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    Thanks for sharing, you looked beautiful. How long did u stay on the island. Did you have any food on the island

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    Beautiful photos! Can I ask about your flowers? Were they an upgrade?

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