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    Default Restaurant Reservations - CSS

    Can you make multiple reservations at once? Or, can you only book one restaurant at a time?

    CSS, 49 days to go!!!

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    You can book restaurants once you arrive for your entire stay. That is what we did when we arrived

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    You can make multiple reservations for different days at one time. Just stop by the desk in the lobby and you can set one night or dinners for your entire trip!

    I usually make our dinner reservations for our stay the first day once we have settled into our room, but we are repeat guests, so now I know which restaurants I like for which nights. I am slightly compulsive about my planning, which is not really a Jamaican approach, but pre-planning dinners helps me not worry about when we're there.

    Tuesday night is the beach party (super fun in my opinion, buffet dinner, but watch for the sand fleas - a good alternative is room service), Friday night is the Gala, again buffet style, but a mega-display. You alt option friday is room service. I like the Beach restaurant Bella Vista for the laid back flavor, Cassanova for Wed night lobster or a more formal night and Pallazina for more evenings. You can also request inside, on the patios or either when you make your dinner reservations.

    Some other helpful hints for CSS: take the tour if you haven't been. CSS is a big property and the tour really does help you get your bearings. Also it will let you know the distance between your room and everything else. I hope you love CSS as much as we do!

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    You can only make reservations for a restaurant three days in advance. You may book that same restaurant again only after you have gone to it, and then the three day rule applies again.

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    Yes, you can make all your dinner/excursion reservations at once for the whole week when you arrive and get your room number. In fact it is what I would recommend. I always do this as soon as we get our room number hubby stays at the desk and I dart over to the conceirge and make our week's worth of reservations.

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    yes you can make multiple reservations
    CSS, 462 days to go... :-/

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    TravelBug--we have 49 days to CSS, too! I am very excited.

    No worries, when you check in you can ask for multiple reservations ( I think you may be limited to 2) from the concierge next to the main desk. It's not a big deal.

    This is our 6th trip to Couples, second to CSS--can hardly wait!

    Maybe we'll see you on the bus--or see even more of you at SSB! But please don't have a second thought about making your reservations, you'll be fine.


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    I think you can make more than one reservation at a time, however it is not necessay to do so.
    You will find that you might change your mind as the day goes on. You might meet people and want to go to dinner as a group or you might have too much fun at the swimup bar and decide to eat in the room that night. We always make the first night reservations right after we check in. The guest services desk is close to check in desk. You can also use any of the phones at the bars or elsewhere and call for reservations any time of the day. CSS is all about relaxing and letting the day happen, not planning everything you do in advance. Enjoy.

    "Once you know"
    Steve & Victoria

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    I agree with kiki23 and Richli2. We have booked all our dinners upon arrival at CSS. I get us checked in, and my hubby makes all the dinner reservations for our stay. No one has ever spoken to us about the 3 day rule.......

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiki23 View Post
    Tuesday night is the beach party (super fun in my opinion, buffet dinner, but watch for the sand fleas - a good alternative is room service)
    Thank you for all of the great tips!
    Sand fleas/Mosquitos love me! Will I then have an issue with bites at the beach party? It makes me nervous. Perhaps eating in the room will be our only option on Tuesday Where are the buffet and tables set up? On the lawn?
    Have others experienced the wrath of sand fleas/Mosquitos at the beach party?

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    I don't know what the 3 day rule is, never once heard of that in our 5 stays, we've easily made all reservations, multiple at times at one place, when we arrive with no problems whatsoever. We like having our week's reservations done so we just settle in and relax without thinking about dinner for the whole week. No rules to worry about that we ever encountered.

    Travel Bug, the beach party is not set up down on the beach near the water, it's more up right at the place where the lawn begins and faces up towards the stage for the show. So not usually any worries about the sand fleas since you're up farther from the beach.

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    The tables are set up on the beach (in the sand) so you have no other seating options. My sand flea bites were the worst! I suffered for almost 3 months afterwards. I definitely will be using A LOT of repellent the next time we go (We're hoping for 2013!!) I might suggest the same for you! Good luck!!

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    Been to CSS twice. Attended the beach party and galas and NEVER had problems with biting bugs.

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