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    Default Going to Church while in Negril, JA?

    Has any one on the MB ever gone to church while in Jamaica? I would like to try it but don't know how safe it would be or how the members would feel about it. I am assuming the same as here in the states. Any feed back on this?

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    Couples Negril has a van that leaves the lobby for a Catholic church at about 9:00 am on Sunday. The van also takes vacationers to a Protestant church after dropping off the Catholics. The Catholic Church is a missionary church run by Franciscans. It's a great little church with very welcoming parishioners.

    My husband is Jewish but I always drag him to Mass with me when we travel. It's always a great way to experience local life.

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    We have been to the Catholic Church in Ocho Rios and Negril. Both experiences were wonderful! The congregation and priest were so friendly and welcoming and we felt totally at ease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okieislandgirl View Post
    Has any one on the MB ever gone to church while in Jamaica? I would like to try it but don't know how safe it would be or how the members would feel about it. I am assuming the same as here in the states. Any feed back on this?
    Does your notation "MB" mean message board?

    We have gone to Catholic Mass in Negril and had a warm and welcoming experience from the Pastor as well as the congregation! Inquiry at the CN concierge desk as to what time the free shuttle leaves the lobby. You tell the driver which type of church you wish to be dropped off and he will announce it when you are close. He will scoop you up after service. God Bless!

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    Yes, we go from couples negril. There is a shuttle service to the catholic and pentecostal church. It s an experience and well worth it. Ask at reception and if you are staying at CN seek out Everod who goes to the Pentecostal and say hello from Julie and colin!

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    Personally have not attended church while in Jamaica but have talked to several couples that we've met at CN that have went & really enjoyed it. It is very safe so no worries there. When we were just there over Christmas, some people we met had went on Christmas Day & loved it. They had met a lot of the church members & the minister, etc. & you are very welcome.

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    We are Catholic, so that is all I can speak to. While at CSA, we have gone to Mass each Sunday at Mary Gate of Heaven (a very short taxi ride from CSA). The resort will arrange th taxi to pick you up and the driver will pick you up after Mass. As far as being welcome, they go beyond welcoming you. You are introduced before Mass and everyone is so warm and loving. We repeated celebrated our 50th anniversary there two years ago and the priest did anything we requested. The parishoners were wonderfully warm and gracious. We couldn't have asked for a nicer celebration. God's people are every where and Jamaicans are especially his loving people.!

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    We went to a Catholic Mass several trips ago at CN. I'm pretty sure they offer a shuttle to church services every Sunday. It was wonderful and everyone was friendly. There were several tourists in the congregation.

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    Wow, never even thought about it, but what a great idea. Curious as to the answer on this one

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    We always attend Mary, Gate of Heaven in Negril whenever we come to CSA. It is vibrant, welcoming to tourists and a complete joy to visit. The PP is Fr Jim - a Franciscan from Cincinnati who leads the local church , runs the Negril soup kitchen and is an inspiration. We jump in a cab at CSA's reception and get dropped back after Mass which is at 10 am on Sundays.

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    We have walked to the catholic church in Negril from CSA. It is about a 10 minute walk and not a problem. Mary Gate of Heaven I believe is the name of the church.

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    We go to Couples Negril every February, only 31 days and 22 hours left before home, anyway, my wife goes to Church the first Sunday we are there. She meets in the lobby for the bus and usually her and several others go to the service. She goes to the Catholic service there, even though we are not Catholic. She has enjoyed it very much, and has met and made friends with other couples who have gone. Me, I am usually in bed or enjoying a leisurely breakfast while she is gone. She feels safe and has never had any issues. Even met the Bishop for Jamaica on one of her trips.

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    Mary, Gate of Heaven is one of the highlights of our trips. Where else could you hear a Reggae Ava Maria?

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    @Tim-n-Lisa Yes, MB means message board.

    Thanks everone for your responses. It was a great help. And I apologize for not making myself a little clearer and stating where we would be staying. We will be at CSA and I really don't mind which church we go to. We, ourselves are Baptist but I don't believe that the Baptist Churches are plentyful in Jamaica (if any). The Pentecostal would be fine or even Catholic. I am so excited.

    Thanks again for your help.

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