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    My fiance and I will be going to CSA for the first time the first week in July for our honeymoon. We booked a BFVS. We read about people requesting certain rooms or floors on the message boards and wondered if this is something you did when you get there or something you do in advance.


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    You can request when you arrive but no guarantees.

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    You can request when you get there, however it is just a request and treat it as such as they cannot and willnot guarantee a specific room/floor or the such that being said they do try to accomodate and you will find this out when you get there.

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    You can only make requests once you arrive at the resort. No requests before arrival.

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    There is no advance booking or request for specific rooms. You can ask when you are checking in and hope for the best. Not sure how you would know your favorite room when you have not been to the resort. As with everything, what some people like, others do not.

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    If you book and confirm a certain category such as bfvs you will get it. No guarantee on a specific room or floor
    At check in they try to accomadate your specific requests

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    Any room at couples is a good room!

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    For those of you that have been to CSA and stayed in the verandah beachfront suites can you tell me what floor is better (ground or third floor) or what building/floor has the better unobstructed view of the ocean? Thanks in advance!

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