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    Default CN vs CS Honeymoon

    So I know this this question has been asked several times, but in hopes of getting an answer more directly related to what we are looking for I thought I would start my own thread.

    We are a young couple getting married this june, and looking to take our honeymoon for 6 nights in early july. We have narrowed it down to Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away. Just wanted to get some thoughts on which you would recommend for us and why (which has better places to eat, better pool, better for a honeymoon overall)

    Some more specific questions we are unsure of. We will spend a day or 2 just laying around/walking the beach. But we are also unsure of the activities to do (snorkling, dolphin swimming, boat ride, etc). Are of these included with the resort?? What are the top 4 or 5 of these activities you would say are MUST DO'S?

    Finally, in terms of booking these activities...should we book them right when we book our hotel? Or do you recommend waiting to until we get to the resort and they will help us book these activities?

    Any help would be great as we are going into this blind! Thanks!

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    Hi denurt49! We are a young couple getting married in June as well! We will be going to CN from July 2-7... so if you will be coming to Jamaica those same dates, you should head to CN! :-)

    We had a hard time deciding between CN & CSA too. We have never been either location, but my sister and her husband went to CN a couple of years ago and convinced us to go that route. They said it was a little bit smaller and more intimate, yet very fun and still had a lot to do.

    Good luck with your decision!

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    Both are wonderful...but as for some of your questions...
    CN has a better pool, although we are not pool people. You can get a chlorinated pool anywhere USA/world.. but the glorious ocean and the beautiful beach...ahhh, paradise. Both CN and CSA have wonderful beaches although in our opinion the beach is much better at CN. Less crowded and more beautiful. When we were at CSA last year there seemed to be a bee problem by the pool bar. The pool bars at both resorts tend to get a bit stinky also.

    The food is delicious at both resorts. We love Sea Grapes at CSA since we are vegetarians. The dips that go with their chips are amazing.
    You have to wait until you get to the resort to book reservations, although if you choose CSA you should book for Lemongrass right when you get there. When we went last year we didn't get around to booking a reservation in time and never was able to get in.

    As far as activities, snorkeling is a must do. We found that the snorkeling trip at CN was more beautiful than the one at CSA. After snorkeling at CN we were very disappointed with the trip at CSA.
    We also recommend taking out the kayaks. We did it everyday at both resorts and it was a blast. Especially when the bigger boats would go by and you can kayak into the waves and kind of wave jump. So much fun.
    Dolphin swimming is not included at CN or CSA.
    As far as honeymoon I would think CN would be your best bet. It's more cozy. CSA is more spread out. We love them both for different reasons. Love the atrium room at CSA, although we found we weren't in our room long enough for it to be a deciding factor. CSA has the big workout/spa/pool/ facility across the street which is nice. They have really great smoothies over there. The pluses for us for CSA are: atrium room, Sea Grapes, we could walk into Negril, daily smoothie across the street,
    CN: *beach, the coziness of resort, the AHHHH view you get as soon as you walk into the lobby, the lushness of the resort itself made you feel like you were in the jungle, snorkeling,

    When we were at CSA last year we met people that had never been to CN( and were die hard CSA fans)and asked us which one was our favorite. We just couldn't decide. We kept flip-flopping. They both are great and I think whatever one you pick will be the best one for you...and then maybe next time you could try the one you didn't pick this time.

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    My husband and I went to CN on our honeymoon 3 years ago (we were both 23) and we *loved* it. We also did 6 nights in early July. Awesome pool bar, great food, great beach. The weather was pretty good, we had a bit of rain for an hour every day in the afternoon, but it just made things a little bit cooler

    We had a blast on the catamaran cruise, highly recommend! That was included in what we paid, there are 2 separate lists of activities that are included and what's paid out of pocket. Most of what we did that was included we signed up for a few days in advance. We also loved the glass bottom boat tour. Hope that helps!

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    A 6 night stay in jamaica will go FAST, do not over schedule ( that takes away from the beauty of Negril, the laid back vibe). Personally, I would focus on doing what is included by the resort, snorkeling, scuba, catamaran cruise, hobie cats, water skiing, the trips to the local bars and restaurants, and PLENTY OF BEACH TIME! I have met soooo many first timers ( and most are honeymooners ) who feel they need to see it all during their honeymoon, and regret it ! Most people leaving do not say, " oh I wish I had more time to do excursions", instead they say " I wish I had more time to lounge on the beach". I recommend you spend 2 or 3 days relaxing at the resort, and then decide if you want to give up a day or a half a day doing an excursion. Both resorts have tour desks, and they really are not overblown prices like you will see at some resorts.
    June is a big honeymoon season, and both resorts will have plenty of honeymooners. I say look at pictures of the room styles, and see if one has more appeal to you and your fiancee. However, if you are a pool person, then Couples Negril has a beautiful pool , probably the nicest in Negril, and has a more lively swim up bar. However, the swim up bar at CSA can get pretty wild, just not as much as Couples Negril. I personally love CSA more due to the the room styles. I love the Atrium room, and the privacy they allow.
    You will have a great time at either resort.

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