So I know this this question has been asked several times, but in hopes of getting an answer more directly related to what we are looking for I thought I would start my own thread.

We are a young couple getting married this june, and looking to take our honeymoon for 6 nights in early july. We have narrowed it down to Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away. Just wanted to get some thoughts on which you would recommend for us and why (which has better places to eat, better pool, better for a honeymoon overall)

Some more specific questions we are unsure of. We will spend a day or 2 just laying around/walking the beach. But we are also unsure of the activities to do (snorkling, dolphin swimming, boat ride, etc). Are of these included with the resort?? What are the top 4 or 5 of these activities you would say are MUST DO'S?

Finally, in terms of booking these activities...should we book them right when we book our hotel? Or do you recommend waiting to until we get to the resort and they will help us book these activities?

Any help would be great as we are going into this blind! Thanks!