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    Default Speaking of Airports...Question.

    Hello everyone. I hope you can help with this question. Usually when we fly to Jamaica we go through the Atlanta airport. We love it because we will pick up some duty free perfume/cologne in the International Concourse. We do this because whatever scent we get will remind us forever of our trip to Jamaica. Well, this year we happen to be flying through Charlotte, which we have never done before. Does anyone who is familiar with that airport know if they have a duty-free place to buy the good scents? We could buy it at home before we go, but just think its nice to save a few bucks and it's so much more exciting buying it in the airport right before the trip.
    Thanks so much for your input...

    Diana and Mike
    Asheville, NC

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    I have seen at least one perfume shop in Charlotte. You should be able to find what you need.

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    We have always gone through Charlotte. And yes there is a duty free shops for perfumes. Our experience has been that we don't usually have all that much time from when we stop and when we have to change planes to Montego Bay. Usually we have only enough time to get the bags to where they will be loaded on to the next leg of your journey, go through security again, and hit the bathrooms. The last item may even have to wait until you are on the next plane.

    If you know that you have at least one hour between flights, you may be able to stop and shop. But sometimes Charlotte airport can be very busy and getting through security, again, could take longer.

    I hope this helps with your decision making.

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    There is a large duty free store at Charlotte in the mall area between Concourses B and C. It's a little bit hidden - it's back by the BBQ restaurant.

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    Crabracer - just to clarify, I'm pretty sure that the OP is buying duty free on their way from Charlotte to MoBay. In fact, you cannot buy duty free in the U.S. on your return to the U.S. In order to buy duty free, you need to present an outbound plane ticket to an international destination (or Puerto Rico for perfumes only). So, having said that, you do not need to go through security again at Charlotte airport on your connecting flight to MoBay. That is only on the return flight.

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    Thanks guys! We have an hour and 25 minute layover in Charlotte so it looks like we (most likely) will be able to pick up what we need!

    (Still have 103 days to go...but so excited).

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    Have never thought about doing that. What a nice idea
    Just wanted to say that we may be on that flight with you if it's on April 28!
    So excited

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    Originally we were going April 28th, but we changed it to April 27th! We just needed one more day, hehe. We probably would have been on the same funny!
    Smells evoke so many memories for us and we love to come home and spray a little of the scent on in the summer and think...ahhhh, Jamaica! We have been going into the department stores and spraying a little sample of the scent we used last time and it immediately brings us back !

    My hubs also made a paper chain (red, green, black, yellow) and we tear one off everyday. Yes, we feel like kids doing it but its so fun. So, as of today we have 100 days!!

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