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    Default First Timers to CSS - 57 days to go! Questions for CSS Experts

    We are so excited to experience the 3rd Couples resort on our list, CSS, reportedly the most romantic, having stayed previously at CN (March 2010 and December 2011) and CSA (March 2011). We're 57 days and counting! Now that we're in a deep freeze, CSS won't come soon enough.

    I have a couple of questions, which I hope those who have previously stayed at CSS, can lend their expertise and help!

    I'm used to wearing heels whenever we'd go out for dinner at CN and CSA, but I am worried about all of the stairs at CSS and have read that they are stone and uneven. I do not want to roll an ankle maneuvering the stairs and also want to feel comfortable strolling at night after dinner. Do women typically wear and recommend flat sandals at CSS for dinner/evening wear?

    And, what is everyone's favorite restaurant recommendation for dinner at CSS? We love great food and relaxing dinners. Our favorite restaurants are Otaheite & Lychee at CN, and Patois Patio & Lemongrass at CSA.

    It also seems that each resort has it's must-have dish(es). For example, at CSA, the sweet potato chips at Seagrapes and banana stuffed French toast at Patois are famous. Are there any must-haves at CSS at any of the restaurants that we have to try? (I've read that there's an escargot appetizer at Cassanova-yummy! Is this always on the menu?)

    Thanks so much everyone!

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    Default Hey, first timers!

    There are lots of stone stairs which is good because you'll get lots of exercise to wear off all of the great food!
    I bring sandals to wear, most are flat or have a low heel. I have worn higher ones - just be careful if you do.
    After a day or two, you'll learn your way around. Some paths are easier to maneuver in heels than others.
    There is also an elevator by the spa that goes up to the cliffs which helps.

    As far as which restaurant??? They are all good. Cassanova and Palazzina are excellent. We usually alternate nights. I'm not as fond of the Beach Grill. As a result we haven't tried Bella Vista for dinner, but were thinking of giving it a chance when we go next. Room service is great if you want a late night snack! The Beach night and Grand Gala nights are incredible. On those nights the other restaurants are closed. Not to worry, the selection at the two events is amazing.

    Have fun and enjoy it all. The only problem is that once you go to Sans Souci, you won't want to go anywhere else!

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    Hey there Travel Bug! We have been to CSS twice and returning for our third trip in April. We have also been to Couples Swept Away (love both resorts!). At CSS, there are lots of stairs you will encounter going to and from dinner. I would recommend wearing flats or sandals, or bringing you heels along for wear once you arrive at the restaurant. My hubby and I really enjoy the Bella Vista Restaurant the most. There is nothing like having a romantic dinner by the sea. The must-have dishes I would recommend you trying are the pasta specials. At Cassanova, I have always enjoyed their sea food special. You can't go wrong with that option. We usually have a nice drink at one of the bars, prior to dinner. All bars make up great drinks.....especially the martini's. Do bring comfortable walking shoes for this trip. You will want to take advantage of all of the nooks and crannies you will discover throughout your vacation. Also, CSS has a nice fitness center (right on the bay) and a nice walking/running route, around a great pond. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous!!! Wishing you a great vacation & can't wait to read all about it, when you return!

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    My husband and I went to CSS in October for our one year anniversary. This was our first Couples experience. It is definitely a very unique and beautiful resort...only thing we were disappointed with was the service. It was hit or miss at the best, mostly miss. But...the resort speaks for itself and the pros seemed to outweigh the cons, in the end. We have friends who go here every year and the girl told me not to bother bringing heels, which I'm glad I listened to - I wore wedge flip flops every night to dinner, except the last night - the last night I wore dressier wedge heels and TOTALLY regretted it! We barely even walked around that night...just from our room up the hill and a couple flights of stairs to Casanova...but my feet were miserable by the end of the night. I actually REALLY liked just wearing wedge flip flops at night...I always dress nicely at home for work and when we go out here, so it really was like a vacation for my feet! Much more comfortable!

    You really don't have too many choices for will definitely have time to try them all. Casanova was the best (and fanciest) and then we also ate at the same restaurant that has the breakfast buffet. We didnt realize the beach grill served menu food at night...wish we had tried that, heard it was very good. Everything at Casanova was good...we ate there probably 4 nights and got different dishes each time, and everything was good.

    We're thinking about maybe trying CSA Oct 2012...either that, or Aruba. Just want to go somewhere with REALLY nice, blue, calm water.

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    We have been to CSS 7 times. The stairs are made of flat concrete, so no worry about cracks
    and uneven surface. However the pathways once off the stairs are large stone type paths. My wife wears high heels for dinner, unless we go to the beach party, and has never had an issue with falling or twisting her ankel. Even when we go back to the room after partying at the ballon bar till late.
    All the restaurants are great. The Casanova is the most relaxing, Trevor plays the piano while you dine. The porch at the Palazzini is quite and nice for dinner also. Try them all. You will love CSS.

    "Once you know"
    Steve & Victoria

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    You are going same time as us. We arrive on 3/12. It is the last of the Couples properties that we have to see so we can't wait to get there.

    I to had asked the question about what food is CSS known for. I don't remember if I got an answer really as it was some time ago.

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    We enjoy Bella Vista, the dinner on the beach at nite as our favorite for evening meals. The staff at CSS is out of this world with their attentive service and friendly manner, you'll feel like you are being welcomed into their home. CSS itself is also one of a kind. Some may be better on heels, but I'd never attempt all the stairs (if you're staying higher than D block for sure) with anything but flat sandals on.

    Here's a tip that is a blast to do after breakfast a couple times while you are there. Grab some bread/croissants/rolls and head on behind bldgs A and B and feed the turtles and birds in the pond... they love it and you'll be amazed at the number of turtles that come up to the surface. Also there are two birds that will follow you politely and eat any bread you put on the ground for them. One of the birds is blind but the other one helps him, plus he uses his hearing to know where you are and where the food is.

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    Default 57 days to go 4 us also... 6th time..3/12

    let's all get together.. throw away our shoes and worry about nothing...tommytrouble & Cat.

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