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    Default 2 questions: Best resort to snorkel from & is there wine?

    Working on planning a summer trip. LOVE to snorkel and have been trying to find the Couples resort that has the best snorkeling right there off the resort beach (seems like there are snorkeling excursions that take us out away from the resort).

    1. Which resort(s) has the best snorkeling right off the resort beach?
    2. I keep seeing that there is premium liquor available, but I've yet to see anything about wine. Is there wine available? If so, do you remember which kinds?

    Thank you very much!

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    To answer your questions:

    1. We've only been to CTI and NEgril. We snorkeled off the beach both times. Negril has mostly just sand right off the beach. We snorkeled off the beach at CTI under Bayside and saw a few fish. And some accidental silverware . Not sure if they've changed the policy, but when we were there you needed to go on the excursion to get the gear. So if you want to snorkel off the beach make sure to pack your own.

    2. Yes, there is wine. I don't really remember what varietals beacause once I tasted the awesome jamaican drinks it was all over.

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    We went to CSS lat year and brought our own snorkel equipment with us. I thought the snoreling was great. The water is fairly warm (we were there in Janauary) the wave action was light, and there is a lot of reef structure. The two bays at CSS are only up to about 15 feet deep at the reef that marks the end of the designated swim area. There apperas to be another reef about 500 feet further out, since I see locals diving out there every morning; I assume for conch or lobster. I saw a lot of fauna in the bays. Starfish, two types of sea urchins, crabs, hermit crabs, and many types of colorful fish. And I found lot's of shells, both clams and snails. We've snorkeled in Bahamas and Hawaii, and the reef and fauna were just as good at CSS. The only downside is that the cooler fresh water from the nearby river tends to float on top of the heavier salt water and when distrubed by your movements, can cause optical distortion for a bit unit it separates again or mixes better; I'm not sure which happens. All in all, I spent a lot of time exploring the reef and cliffs at CSS and had a blast.


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