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    Default Never been to Couples resorts before I have several questions?

    I'm getting married in June and planning on honeymoon in Jamaica at the end of June. We are both in our forties. Is the weather miserable in June? What resort recomended and what room? There are so many to choose from. Do all the rooms have A/C ? What excursions are recomended ? Is the honeymoon package worth the extra $ the one with private dinner ect? Also I have melanoma so I love Jamaica but need lots of shade. Are there plenty of shady areas availble that he could enjoy the sun and I can have shade and still be together? That a lot of question I will stop there, sorry and thank you.

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    Jamaica is almost always sunny and hot and humid. June will tend to be even more so. We go in April and November each year. April has always been the best month for us. Because it is an island in the tropics, there can always be a shower at any time. But they usually don't last very long and the sun returns quickly. There is also the chance of windy days as well. That too comes in quickly and leaves. Once in while it may remain windy all day, but that should not affect your time there.

    As far as which one is the best, there isn't one that is better than the other. Each has its own unique ambiance. Each will give you the most memorabe vacation you have ever had.

    There are also no best rooms. It will depend on how much money you would like to spend. Some rooms face the ocean, some rooms face beautiful vegetation, all rooms have a balcony. You can't go wrong with which ever room or resort you choose.

    There is always a place that you will be able to find shady places for you and sunny spots for him.

    Don't hesitate to ask more questions. You might also look at the facts page that may answer a lot of your questions.

    Welcome to the Couples family. There is always room for two


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    Congratulations! And you are going to love ANY of the resorts! Couples does a VERY good job at spoiling us, no matter which side of the island you decide on!

    We normally got to CN around the first week of June. In 6 trips, we have never lost a full day to rain. At worst I believe we had a 3 hour rain, and most days it was an hour or less. It usually happens during the "heat" of the day, and is usually a nice break! We do CN because we are beach-rats, and Bloody Bay is fantastic! As far as rooms go (again at CN) unless you're getting a suite, theres not alot of difference. And yes, they all have A/C.

    The Catamaran cruise and the snorkeling are all we really do, so I can't speak for any of the other excursions.
    The beach, although shorter that that at CSA, is VERY deep, and has a very good shade, sun mix. You should have no problem finding a good spot.

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    all rooms have a/c and a ceiling fan, any room is a great room
    Lots of shade at swept away from palm trees and they have sun sail, and some palapas.
    We loved the weather in June it's perfect beach weather, and the Ocean is just right too.

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    We go to CTI in July. The breezes coming off the ocean help keep things more comfortable. There are palms for shade on the beach and at the swim up bar. They also have hung shade sails on the beach.

    If you want to do Dunn's River Falls, you will want most likely to stay at CSS or CTI. CIT offers a Catamaran Cruise, CSS does not.

    Just keep researching and you will find the resort that calls to you.

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    We have been 3 times and all in June! Weather was not miserable at all, but hot and humid (we are not used to that in WA state), so just get in the water when you are hot! CTI has tended to be windier with rougher water than the others. We were just there in 2011 and spent a day at CSS and the bay was much more sheltered, when CTI had red flags up all week and limited water sports. We did a split stay at CN/CSA in 2007. LOVED all 4 resorts and they will all had ample shade, fun, fabulous food, never ending drinks, and friendly faces and service!

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    He turnh20 - I'm from the Seattle area and going to CSA 2/18 for our first trip. Saying we are very excited is an understatement!! I've been reading the boards about every day and appreciate all the info members share!

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    Thanks for sharing such an informative post. I agree with you.

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