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    Default Just out of curiosity

    I've read a few threads on the trading places program. We are going to CSA for the first time next week, and we are planning to use our RR card to visit CN for a day.

    It seems like every single person ends up liking the resort they've booked better. Do you feel like it has more to do with being accustomed to the resort at which you've been staying? Or is it because the resort you booked is a better fit?

    I'm just curious. I was really torn between CSA and CN when we booked, and I am anxious and eager to keep an open mind about CN when we visit. Thanks for the input!

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    Some guests find out that the 2nd or 3rd resort they visit is the one for them...My wife Peggy and I visited CN first and LOVED it..I refused for several years to visit the other Couples Resorts..We finally went to CSS and then CTI and now we have all three deep in our hearts...We have plans to visit CSA in the near future..It's fine to have a change of heart on resorts..I really believe that everyone should visit all four.
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    I had the same question and trouble deliberating which resort to choose. I'll be excited to hear what you thought about CN for Trading we'll be doing the same when we visit!

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    Well guess we're atypical because the Couples we currently like the best was the last one we went to which is CSS. Did CTI a few times then CSA then CN then CSS. We are doing 7 nights at CSS and 4 at CTI this year and plan on doing the trading places from CSS to CTI to check it out before we transfer over. I think the trading places program is cool! I like how they limit it so there isn't a whole hord of people showing up at the sister resort.
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    We were at CSA and went on a site visit to CN. Our initial feeling was that we were glad we chose CSA. However, due to some unfortunate experiences while at CSA and because Tommywommy had such wonderful things to say about CN we decided to give CN a try the following year. Well, we absolutely loved CN! It was overall a much better fit for us. So, you really can't pre-judge. This Dec. we are trying CTI and then we will have been to all four resorts. I agree 100% with TW; try all four if you can.

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