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    Default Weather at Couple???

    Our first Couples trip is scheduled for January 17th - 24th at Couples Tower Isle. The weather looks horrible! Rain, rain, rain Does anyone know if this means rain all day? If not, is it normally in the morning or the evening? I was only planning on packing dresses but should I bring some warmer clothing in case? I have never been to Jamaica in the month of January so any advice will be very much appreciated.

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    Well what I would do is look at a different weather site.....for instance BING weather says sunny everyday! Don't worry it won't rain all day or all the time. We have been to Jamaica at the end of November and it was a little cool at night but nothing a light jacket or sweater couldn't handle. Think possitive it will be beautiful and Sunny!!!!


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    We have been to Ocho Rios 3 times in the months of January and February. When we stayed at CSS last year in february they were calling for rain 4 of the 7 days that we were there. The only time it rained was while we were on a horse ride excursion, and for only about 20 minutes. We were actually glad it rained because it was so hot and humid. The rain was warm and felt great. The weather at this time of the year is almost always the same. The clouds roll of the mountains in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon with partial cloud, then clear at night when the wind tends to die down at around 6pm. Bring a light sweater, but it only goes down to about 23 or 24 C at night. Relax and enjoy your trip, you will get plenty of sun. Cheers!!

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    Most forecasts for Jamaican weather show rain. It will be the same day in and day out. We too were worried about this when we went in June 2010, which is what I believe to be the start of their rainy season. The weather forecasts show that on there, just like the ones would at home if there was a "chance" of rain. During our stay, it didnt rain every day. We may have heard thunder and have seen some storm clouds, but it wouldnt rain. Other days, it rained anywhere from about 1 minute to 1 hour. It worked out that it was a good time to go eat some lunch under the roof and get out of the rain. However, one day, it rained pretty much the entire day. BOTTOM LINE, dont let the forecasts worry you. They just usually have a higher "CHANCE" of rain than most of us. And besides that....ITS JAMAICAN SUNSHINE!

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    Thank you all for your reassurance! This is a once in a lifetime trip for us and I am just hoping everything is perfect (and that I come back with a tan!) We will make the best of it, regardless! 3 more sleeps!!!

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    We found that you can't worry about the weather forecasts. We were at CN during New Years week and the weather forecast turned not-so-good with cooler temperatures and rain. The staff were all warning us that there was a "cold front" moving in. We had a few sprinkles one day in the early afternoon and it was super windy for two of the days. One day had a lot of cloud cover all afternoon and combined with the wind, I did have goosebumps at times.

    However, with the humidity, it must have been close to 28-30 degrees on those "cold front" days, and we spent every day comfortably at the beach/pool in our swimsuits. Sometimes our normal, warm summer temperatures at home in Canada aren't close to being as pleasant as the weather we experienced during the Jamaican cold front!

    And you are at Couples! Everything is IRIE! Enjoy and don't worry about something that is out of your control. Just make the best of it!

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    I keep a weather widget on the desktop of my computer for Ocho Rios. This way I see the weather day after day, and it's always a great big ball of sun. You should be fine. Enjoy!

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    The Weather will do what it does (the forescast are usually rubbish!), we are off to CSA on 24 Jan.. for two weeks ..we will get loads of sun, sure we will get wind & rain (liquid sunshine) but in the past if the weather is not good we go to the bars, squash courts or our room!'s a green land for a reason... have I mentioned we are on single digits? ...I have now..... CSA for the 3rd time here we come...

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