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Thread: Csa or cn??

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    Default Csa or cn??

    Can't decide between CSA or CN????? I am "thinking" about (and by "thinking" I mean as soon as I decide
    which resort to pick I will book it) booking a trip to either CSA or CN. We stayed at CTI in April 2011 and
    loved it. It was the most relaxing vacation we have been on. We enjoy oceanfront rooms so we can fall asleep
    to the sound of the waves as well as wake up to them. Have researched both resorts and can't seem to decide
    between the two so if anyone could give their opinions maybe it would help. My boyfriend just says pick a place
    and let me know when we leave lol.


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    The beachfront suites or bvsuites at CSA would be perfect to hear the waves. Try for a second or third floor so you can sleep with your veranda doors open. We stayed in a first floor bfvs and loved it for the easy access to the beach but we couldn't sleep with the doors open. If I could do it over, I would choose a third floor for best views and privacy with the bfvs. The beachfront suite on the second floor would be even better though IMO. Swept Away rocks. If you are interested, I could email a couple pics from our first floor bfvs.
    Good luck

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    Have been to CSA 10 times next year! While both places are nice, the rooms are closer to the water at CSA, and the beach is WAAAAAYY better. Enjoy.

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    Hi Hishoneypot,

    We've stayed at both resorts multiple times, and love them both. That said, we prefer CN over CSA (but just by a bit) because it is much more compact, about half the number of guests as CSA. CN is arranged around the central pool, while CSA is spread out, with the restaurants on each end.

    But, if you're into sports, CSA is the place to be.

    The rooms at CSA are a bit nicer, and I like the idea of a made-to-order breakfast option at CSA, rather than a buffet every day.

    We're beach people, and prefer the beach at CN - plenty of lounge chairs and shade under the trees.

    Just decide what your priorities are. You won't go wrong with either resort. Good luck, and let us know what you decide.


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    Default Hear the Waves

    Returning to CSA this April for the third year in a row and we only book the Beachfront Suites there. The windows have no glass! They do have screens and wooden slat louvers that open and close for privacy or airflow but with no glass you hear all the sounds of Jamaica at night from the peeping tree frogs to the lapping waves of the Caribbean waters. The BVS rooms have glass on the windows. This section also has no televisions so you are not having to listen to competing sounds from someone's television show choices. Who goes to a beachfront all inclusive to watch TV anyway?!?! There is an air conditioner and ceiling fan in each room for your choice of comfort. Try this room and you will be hooked for life. Try to get a second floor room for extra privacy on your balcony.

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    Well I decided to go with CSS in June. Actually I let the price determine and I feel like I got a great deal on CSS. I want to visit all the Couples resorts so CSS is the winner this time. Thanks for everyones input on CSA & CN I do
    appreciate all the info. 164 days and counting

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    You may find the following post useful:!

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    You have made a perfect choice in CSS. When the "happy" bus turns left off the main road, up into the beautiful tropical foliage, and what to your wondering eyes should appear but the CSS lobby, you will know you made the right choice.

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