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    Default Sending mail from Jamaica to the States

    A friend of mine will be celebrating a birthday back here in Pennsylvania while we are at CSA next week, and I think she would be tickled if we sent her birthday card from Jamaica.

    Has anyone ever sent mail from Jamaica? How do you go about it, how long did it take to arrive in the States, and how much would it cost to send a simple would-be .44 cent envelope? I hope I can do it without leaving CSA!


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    I see on the Jamaica Post website

    that it's $50 to send a postcard to the US.

    (Of course, that's $50 JMD -- about 60 cents USD.)

    As far as when she'll get it... well, you'll be back home long before the postcard gets there. But it'll still be a hoot.

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    You can send it but the card will arrive loooooong after you do.
    We send post cards our first trip to Jamaica and they took between 6 and weeks to get to the USA.

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    We have mailed postcards from Jamaica and always beat the mail home! It takes several weeks for mail to arrive in the US from Jamaica. Couples does have free internet if you want to send her an e-mail birthday card.

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    You can buy postcards and stamps at the gift shop, and then leave the cards at the front desk and they will mail them - you never have to leave the resort! Like others have said, it takes a long time for the mail to flow, anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

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    Mail takes 12-14 days from the Negril PO to USA- but...why don't you want to leave the resort????

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    Our post cards made it back home in 4 weeks.

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