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    Default Off of the sidelines - Reservations confirmed!

    After a long time of reading all of the tips and reviews (Thanks to all of you!), we have made the plunge and have reservations for CN in December. We were supposed to go last December to celebrate 20 years together but got laid off and had to wait a year. All good things come to those who wait. I have a new job and now we can look forward to a week of fun and relaxation! I'm sure I will still be searching for suggestions from the veterans as this will be the first time we have done a trip like this. Heck, it's the first trip without the kids in 15 years!

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    Thank-you for giving me hope. My husband is laid off and we are planning on going to CSA for our 15 year in 2014. I know it's a long way away but I tend to worry. I am happy you get the chance to go. You will enjoy CN. we were there for our 10 year and had a wonderful time.

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    You have made a wise decision. We know exactly how you feel, with having to wait until the time is right, first time to go, first time without the kids, etc. We took the plunge for the first time in June 2010. We now will be those veterans you refer to. Returning June 2012. CN was absolutely perfect for us. The MB is a great tool, and we learned a great deal from it prior to our trip. You have plenty of time, therefore you will receive plenty of good advice. You will enjoy (except the actual countdown)!

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