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    Default OK its been decided......CSS

    I wrote a long 5 paragraph request for help in figuring out which Couple's we should pick, but erased it and decided I'm just going to follow all the advice I have read in the forums and go with my initial choice, the one that I've been leaning to since I first found Couples......CSS.

    My wife and I will be going April 1-5. I wish it could be longer but with 4 kids at home.....well you know. It's been 15 years of vacations that have focused on the kids. Our turn now. We found Couples on the internet without having heard of them before, but after reading everything thought it would be the best place for us.

    How is the weather in early April? I read somewhere that April is kind of the slow part of the season, I'm hoping that doesn't mean we will be the only people around.....although I REALLY enjoy the company of my

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    I've been to Jamaica twice in April, and the weather was great. It was in the 80's, and there was plenty of sunshine. Be prepared for the possibility of quick rain showers in the afternoon. We quickly learned to get out and in the sun early in the morning, and then we would plan lunch or a quick siesta around the afternoon rain. It would pour for about 20 minutes each day and then the sun would be back out. If you hadn't seen the rain, you probably wouldn't have known it had.

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    GeauxCrazy - (great "handle", by the way!) Welcome to Couples, and I can guarantee the two of you will not be disappointed in any way with your choice. We are going back on April 6th for our 5th trip to CSS, and our third during the first week or so of April. The weather is beautiful at that time of year. There will be lots of people at the resort, but it is on such a large and beautiful property, that at times it will seem like you have the place to yourself. It's a very romantic resort, with an amazing staff.

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    I think you just made the perfect choice. We were at CSS last spring and it is awesome! April is normally one of the best months of the year in Jamaica with warm weather, warm pool temps, and a warm blue sea.

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    Just wanted to say I am soooooo jealous! You will love CSS.

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    We are from south Louisiana so the short afternoon rain showers are something we live with down worries. We are looking forward to the visit. Sorry we'll be missing yall comming in on the 6th Karen. Maybe I can talk the sitter into an extra day.....

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    We will be there! My hubby and I are going March 28 - April 9. We are celebrating our 20th and we are both estatic about going to CSS. Just like you we were looking for a place to go and found couples online. Something about CSS just calls to us too. Have you been to the Meet up board for April yet?

    72 Days to go...

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    Yes I posted a picture under you and Matt. I'm glad you guys will be there a day early so you can show us the ropes when we get in. Our flight is supposed to land at 11:45am Sunday morning, but I am trying to move our date back to Saturday. And let Matt know I'm diving certified so we can hit that together.

    Tracy and I have still been kind of back and forth over which resort we want to go to, but having already met someone who is going to be at CSS may have helped solidify our CSS decision. If I could just stop being over analytical. We keep thinking we are going to miss out on the true Jamaica vibe by not hearing the steel drums playing on the beach while we are over there and those kinds of things. We vacation in Panama City Beach, Fl a couple times a year, so the sandy beach isn't what we "think" we may miss out on, it's the Jamiacan "vibe" we don't want to miss.

    But, it's all good. You guys keep a seat warm for us, we'll be seeing y'all soon!

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