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    Default pre check in still not working for me

    pre checkin has been undergoing maintenance so i'm told, just had a look and the login screen comes up for name, password and resort, click on submit and i get the following error -:

    We're sorry, it appears there was an error in your login
    Please return to the Pre-Check in Login Page and login again.

    tried to login again but no good.
    i dont have any problem loging in to the romance rewards member login, so i know my login and p/w are correct ?

    is it still under maintenance ?

    Andy & helen, coming to a CSA near you soon !!

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    You got further then I did, I don't even get the Login Screen for pre-checkin.

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    checked again today still getting no further, coming to CSA feb 7th

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    I did my pre check-in yesterday (1/13/12) and it worked fine

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    In the past I have gotten that response as well. I think I went around it by using my email or phone # instead of username. Hope that helps. For what it's worth, I preregistered successfuly a couple of days ago

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    Is it possible that you can't do the pre checking until 7 days before arrival? I normally wait until 3 to 7 days out. 28 more get-ups to CTI. I can hear the steel drums already...

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    I was able to use the pre check-in feature tonight for CN. I used my guest number as opposed to my email or username when I logged in. I am not sure if that could make a difference.

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    Pre-check in worked fine for us.

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