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    Default Last Chance to Enter our Valentine's Photo contest On Facebook

    Greetings to all:

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're giving you a chance to show and tell us why you should win a 4 night stay at your favorite Couples Resort... Winner will be announced on February 13.

    Click on the link to connect directly to the Facebook contest:

    Share The Love!
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    Randymon, I'm an idiot when it comes to computers and smart phones. I do have this android phone and I click on the link to enter the contest and I don't see how to enter. Any help? Sara

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    I'd enter, but I do not allow Facebook to install apps.

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    I'm not such an idiot after all. Not available to mobile phones - too bad

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    I'm w/ KrisJamie...

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    I'm also with Kris/Jamie. I wanted to enter but I also don't allow facebook to install apps.

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    I entered! Woohoo!

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