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    Default Got Inclusive??

    My Fiancee and I are looking to take a trip to CSS, but I'm just curious what ALL is inclusive? Are food and drinks included or just the excursions listed under the "All Inclusive" navigation tab?

    Curiously Yours...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicagogirl View Post
    My Fiancee and I are looking to take a trip to CSS, but I'm just curious what ALL is inclusive? Are food and drinks included or just the excursions listed under the "All Inclusive" navigation tab?

    Curiously Yours...
    All inclusive means food, drink, tips and the excursions mentioned are included in the price that you pay. I would just bring tip money for the airport and taxi driver

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    Food and drinks are included, as Couples, all inclusive means just that!

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    All inclusive means all meals, (24 hour food service) all drinks and all inclusions listed for each resort.

    Not to worry,just relax and have a wonderful all inclusive vacation!

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    Everything. Food, drinks, excursions listed, no tipping. That's right, no tipping. Ther only thing that you may spend money on will be things you buy either at the gift shop, or when you go into town, Sounds pretty good to me.

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    All inclusive at Couples mean everything is included. The only thing not included would be any spa treatment you have or gifts from the gift shop. You can relax that once you have paid for the resort other then a few tips for baggage handler's and driver you don't have to spend another penny, unless you want to go off campus or gifts to bring home.

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    Unless you want to order wine from the wine menu then it is, in fact, ALL inclusive. No tipping either!

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    That list appears to be "exceptional" inclusions. The regular inclusions include food, drinks, mini-bar and all the sand and sunshine you can enjoy.

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    Default Heck yes

    All inclusive can mean different things at different resorts. Most of the resorts my wife and I have stayed at, include the food, drinks, tips, and some activities on the resort. We are trying a Couples Resort this time (CTI 2/25 thru 3/3) because of all the extras included, excursions etc... Including excursions OFF the resort!
    Hope this helps!
    Mike and Sandy

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    Hi Chicago Girl,

    I'm from Indianapolis!!

    My husband and I married at CTI in August. I will say that outside of the money we spent on our wedding ceremony and photos, and my hair at the spa, we could have gotten away with less than $200 spending money.

    We came home with Rum Cream, Blue Mountain Coffee, tshirts, photos, wood art, and jewelry.

    We went snorkeling, to Dunn's River Falls, and Shopping to the district all for FREE through Couples. They also provided all transportation to and from the airport and on all excursions that were offsite.

    The only thing we would have paid for would have been Dolphin Cove, Bob Marley house tour, Ziplining, or the 4x4 car trip. We weren't really interested in those. We wanted to relax on the resort.

    ALL drinks and meals are included. We only paid extra for the private dinner on the beach the night of our wedding, which was WORTH EVERY CENT of the $170. It was the most memorable night of our lives!

    Mind you as well that Couples uses all top shelf liquor. Not all resorts do that.

    Do your research and you will find that Couples is the BEST.


    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    On the all-inclusive tab, you get the list that shows the monetary value. Those are included (subject to which resort you go to). Then below that it lists the food, alcohol, tips, entertainment, etc.

    And yes, it really is all inclusive. Just remember to bring money to tip the drivers.

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    All food & drinks are included, PLUS what is mentioned in the AI navigation tab. There are a few things you may get that aren't included such as photo's taken by the resort photographer, and whatever you may buy in the gift shop & jewelry store on site. When they say All Inclusive at Couples, they really mean it. We hope you choose Couples and CSS - we loved it so much last February for our first trip that we are counting the days to our second trip!! Enjoy!!
    43 days till CSS!!!

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    Better question is "what's not included"? All food and drinks included. You do have the option to purchase a private dinner and I believe the resorts offer some wines for a fee but they have plenty of other wines and drinks that are included.

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    Everything is included! Yes everything. Food, too much to eat, drinks, top shelf as well. Excursions, all is included. We are back for number 9 to a Couples, 20 days to go....Woohoo!!! You cant go wrong.
    Plus, we dive, and oh yea,,,,, thats included as well!!!

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    Drinks, food, excursions, non motor sports, tips, mini bar... it is all inclusive!

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    The only drink you would have to pay for is if you wanted wine from the manager's wine list. They do have a wine selection, including a sparkling white, that is included in the all inclusive.

    The only reason you would pay for food, is if you want a private dinner on the beach or to buy a snack from the gift shop--chips, pretzels, Doritos--are available in the gift shops, but they are pretty pricey.

    So plan on parking your wallet. There are no hidden costs.

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    EVERYTHING is included. Your drinks, food, the excursions listed per resort, if you have a minibar in your room all the drinks there!! If you don't leave the resort and don't want to buy at the gift shop then you will spend nothing!! If you tip and those people accept they get fired. You only need to tip the driver of the bus that takes you from the airport to the resort. Totally all inclusive

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    What everyone else said, with one exception they all forgot to mention in the inclusive list----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- weight gain. My wife and I each gain 8 pounds which is included. Enjoy

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    Spa services are not included.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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