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    Default "Separate at the hip"?

    Hi everyone,

    We just booked our Secret Rendezvous trip for February and we're both super excited! We've never been before and couldn't pick which resort we wanted to visit because they all look so great, so we're glad that Couples will be choosing for us!

    I have a newbie question that I'm hoping someone can answer. I've searched the message board and the interweb and I can't seem to find an answer to my question. What we'd like to know is, if we spend a bit of time apart or doing individual activities while we're visiting Couples , are we going to get weird looks and lots of questions? I understand that the AN section is a special case and I'm not asking about that - we'd either be AN together or not at all! It's just that we occasionally like to spend some time on our own while on vacation as we both like to do different things (e.g. one reads on the beach while the other goes shopping), then meet up at lunch or dinner. It gives us something new to talk about and also lets us each do what we want without worrying that the other person is bored.

    My boyfriend and I love each other very much, we're very committed to each other, and we love spending time together, but we're just not what you'd call a "joined at the hip" couple. Is there anyone else out there like us?

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    That's what is so great about Couples. You can be together or you can be by yourself. No one will give you dirty looks. This is like grown-up camp. Only instead of the staff telling you what to do, you make all the decisions.

    And don't wait until your last day to try SSB. We tell couples all the time not to wait. It's a great experience that you will treasure for a long time. Welcome to the family.


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    Nothing wrong with that. I usually hit the classes and the hubby stay on the beach. Sometimes he hangs out with
    the pool guys or he is at the bar yapping with everyone while i have a massage or what ever. I like to snorkel, he doesnt. That being said, we NEVER go off site alone. and I don't really like going off the property anyway.

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    No worries, other then the au natural beach you dont have to be together, and have seen one half of a couple doing something while the other is doing something else. Us for example he likes to sleep in me not so much, so I hit the beach in the morning with out him. Or he wants to go parrisaling and I go shopping. Great thing about Couples is. we all are busy with our own love and vacation to worry about how you and your love are spend your vacation..

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    Good question! I have the same situation. My husband and I work together too, so we're always with each other. I am almost feeling like I have to go golfing with him while there, even though I don't at all enjoy it simply because of the strong "couple" vibe. But I'd much rather go to the Spa!

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    My husband and I have been to Couples Swept Away 12 times. We also like to do different things. I like to read on the beach. John plays tennis. I make baskets with Nigel. John plays tennis. I do Aquasize. John plays tennis. I go snorkeling. John plays tennis. You get the picture.

    We still manage to do lots of things together. Work out at the gym, walk the beach, eat all our meals together, sing with Ultimate in the Aura Lounge, etc.

    We don't spend every minute together when we are at home and don't expect to when we are at our "second home". What we like so much about Swept Away is that it suites us both so well.

    No one will question it if you're not together all the time. As you say, it makes for good dinner conversation.

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    No problem. My wife walks the beach, and I sit and read if I don't go with her. Sometimes I love to sit at the beach bar all afternoon and she sits on the beach or walks. She goes to a church service on Sunday morning, and I roam the resort, sit on or walk the beach or whatever. I have gone golfing, she stays at the resort. We spend every evening together and at least half the day if not all day in the course of a 10 day trip. No one says a thing unless one of the employees that knows us asks where our mate is. Just relax and enjoy. You will find you discover yourselves all over again, and it is fantastic. 35 days and 23 hours till the white sand beaches of Couples Negril.

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    My wife exercises and I nap on the beach, I play pool volleyball and she reads on the beach. No worries, go and do your thing.


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    No problem Mon!

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    Can't imagine anyone giving you strange looks. Every couple is different. Do what makes you guys be you. And relax and enjoy!

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    No worries. I do the walking tours and power walk at CTI while hubby reads the paper. He golfs while I sit in the sun. I go to the spa while he sits at the bar with our friends, old and new. I am not going to say that people won't think it's odd, but it's your vacation, so go and enjoy!

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    Have no fear you will be fine!! It is just like you posted. One can go ona the beach while the other goes shopping, diving,to spa or whtever! There are no worries. You will enjoy it!

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    You will be fine. My husband and I have been to Couples 5 times and we always enjoy different activities while there. Never once have we encountered a strange look or heard a comment about doing things separately.

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    Don't worry about it. I got very sick one year while at a Couples Resort, (had to visit the nurse, who was super nice and there was no charge), but was stuck inside for a whole day. Dropem went out and about and would come back to check on me from time to time, but everything was fine. There is no way that he and I could stay as you say connected at the hip for a full 7 days. Besides women are always wanting to do spa things, shop and as you say read books than guys do sometimes.

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    Hi Bookworm, My Husband & I are like that too. What you're talking about is completely ACCEPTABLE behavior at Couples! My husband plays golf, I shop; he sails, I shop; he naps, I shop LOL! The nice thing is, I feel 'secure' knowing that the people staying at the resort are COUPLES also! There's not the vibe of some other resorts to mingle & try to' hook up'. Everyone at Couples is a couple! And it's a very 'comfortable' environment. You will lOVE it!

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    Default What is SSB?


    Quote Originally Posted by crabracer View Post

    and don't wait until your last day to try ssb. We tell couples all the time not to wait. It's a great experience that you will treasure for a long time. Welcome to the family.


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    Default Phew!

    Thanks everyone, for your speedy replies and reassuring words! We are looking forward to our vacation even more now!

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    We go to CSA. I love to walk the beach ( this year want to walk to Negril) , do nature tour/walk ( so jealous that cannot grow these plants so freely at home. (Canada). And just chill and read on beach. Hubby has to be occupied. He does hat/basket classes. Has done so many swear he could teach but he just enjoys interacting with instructor/fellow classmates. Also last year did jewllery making class. made me a lovely necklace. Will I wear it. not a chance but thought was there. Sometimes during day we do our own thing but the night is ours. Bottom line I don't think anyone ever notices or cares. Enjoy your stay.

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    No worries that you have to be joined at the hip .... & yes, I'd say all the other couples at Couples are like you .... or most of them anyway. What is the norm is that you set up a place on the beach or at the pool & that's where you "meet up" with each other through out the day for breakfast or lunch as you both go about whatever it is that you enjoy. For example, my hubby likes sleeping in & I like to be out & about early taking pictures & enjoying the resort & beach while it's quiet so I set up our stuff for the day & he comes out later & we meet for breakfast & a walk all around the bay. I play volleyball, while he reads or naps because he has back issues & volleyball always seems to turn out poorly .... actually very few couples are playing volleyball, it's usually just the husbands but they are fine with putting up with me ... HA HA. Lots of couples split up & one works out or runs & the other doesn't .... one takes a class & the other doesn't .... my hubby used to dive & I didn't ..... Not a problem if you're on your own ..... You'll have lots of people to talk with if you wish & no one will bother you if you wish to be alone. At night, you will only see couples, though.

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