Hi everyone,

We just booked our Secret Rendezvous trip for February and we're both super excited! We've never been before and couldn't pick which resort we wanted to visit because they all look so great, so we're glad that Couples will be choosing for us!

I have a newbie question that I'm hoping someone can answer. I've searched the message board and the interweb and I can't seem to find an answer to my question. What we'd like to know is, if we spend a bit of time apart or doing individual activities while we're visiting Couples , are we going to get weird looks and lots of questions? I understand that the AN section is a special case and I'm not asking about that - we'd either be AN together or not at all! It's just that we occasionally like to spend some time on our own while on vacation as we both like to do different things (e.g. one reads on the beach while the other goes shopping), then meet up at lunch or dinner. It gives us something new to talk about and also lets us each do what we want without worrying that the other person is bored.

My boyfriend and I love each other very much, we're very committed to each other, and we love spending time together, but we're just not what you'd call a "joined at the hip" couple. Is there anyone else out there like us?