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    Default several general questions...

    Hello. Looking to book a trip over christmas / new years in 2013 (23 months away). I know the website only allows 2012 bookings, but can you do it over the phone for the future? additionally...

    1. If anyone has traveled to CSA at that time and wants to share any insights I'd love to hear them.. I'm guessing the resort is booked solid then.... do they do anything special for xmas or new years eve?
    2. When we went in September the resort was about 1/2 full.. is it a pain to spend time at a fully booked Couples resort?
    3. Is romance rewards dead? Are there any repeaters rewards anymore?
    4. Would it be worth doing a split trip? Do they still offer those? (We wouldnt want CN though, San Souci for four days, CSA for five)
    5. What's changed at CSA in the last five years?

    Anything else you can think of drop us a note here or at greg1701 at comcast dot net.

    Looking forward to coming back!
    Greg and Megan

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    February, 2012 Couples will announce pricing for 2013, and offer the booking early incentives at that time. The resort is usually booked solid Christmas thru New Years , but I would not worry, because of it's large size ( I have stayed twice when it was booked solid, no problems).
    Santa allows arrives in a special way on the beach at CSA, and gifts are passed out to all guests. New Years Eve is a major party, with entertainment, balloon drop, and a lighted lantern release on the beach. I have heard nothing but excellent things about the christmas and New Years Eve celebrations.
    Romance Rewards is not dead. On the bottom of the Couples website page their is a link that states Romance Rewards. I think now it has changed a little. Points for trip are only good for 5 years. Also, you will receive an invitation to the repeaters dinner which is wonderful.
    MANY people do the split trip. Couples will provide the transportation to the second resort.
    Have you been to CSA since they built the Great House, and built up the sports complex across the street? They have added mini bars to all room categories.
    I know you will have a great time being back at CSA !

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    Yes, if you call you can reserve further in advance than the website allows! Shortly after we got back from our first trip to CTI, we called to see if we could reserve our next trip for our 15th anniversary in 2013. So, we are now booked for May 2013! I'd presume you could probably book for X-Mas 2013 as well, if nothing else it can't hurt to call reservations and find out!

    CTI May 2013 trip in:
    497 days
    16 hours
    21 minutes!

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    We booked 9 months in advance to vacation at CTI.

    Its risky since 9 months so much can happen.
    Luckly, all worked out well & it was worth it.

    Besides getting $300 couple credits, at the time the airline was having a baggage special that allowed use to bring 2 suitcases each at no cost!!!

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