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    Default Dinner Table Sizes at CSA

    getting ready to book for a trip to CSA and it's looking like some of our family will be booking to join us. i'm just curious, if we come as a group of 8-10 people, will we be able to sit together for dinner at most of the restuarants? we had a group of 6 at CN and never had any issues sitting together, but wasn't sure with this slightly larger group.

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    At The Palms and Patois Patio, you can ask for a Table of 6-8 .

    At Feathers and Lemongrass, the Reservation restaurants, you will see mostly tables for 2, with a few set for 4. Particularly, Feathers's a small intimate area where parties of 4 or more can change the romantic atmosphere, even if they are " quiet ".
    Lemongrass is indoor/outdoor and also romantic and intimate, but there are some tables at the far end where they seat large parties.

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    In my opinion, 8-10 people all laughing and carrying on at dinner has a tendency to spoil the romantic ambience for the rest of the COUPLES in the restaurant. Please don't do this. Leave the group socializing for other places. Large groups in the restaurants is really damaging to the atmosphere. This is Couples afterall....not Groups.

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    I'm heading to CSS with a large'ish group, and was actually wondering the same thing, regarding table sizes for 8-10 people... do the ala carte's at CSS accomodate large groups for dinner?

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    I have to say... with respect of course... large groups tend to ruin me and hubby's romantic quiet dinner in our experience. And the large groups ruined others around us who were trying to have that one last nite's time together there, or enjoying our anniversary dinner, just us.. together. I know the larger groups think they aren't being loud but it is inevitable for the laughing and etc.. to get disruptive to the atmosphere of COUPLES romance... I'm with Mona and Rob, leave the group settings to the after dinner entertainment at the bars, or during the day at the swim up bar or beach. It is Couples, not foursomes etc.. There is a reason most tables are set for two. Thanks in advance from us and other couples who are just wanting to enjoy the quiet romantic dinner atmosphere at Couples.

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    sorry but I really feel like I need to chime in here. If you'd like to have a nice family vacation, why not go to a family-friendly resort? Couples is for couples, and IMO groups spoil the ambiance.

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    We have to agree that large groups ruin the couples atmosphere at dinner which can be the most romantic part of the day. Can't imagine that any group would be so interdependent that they couldn't have dinner in couples or groups of four. It's not junior high and you have all day to hang out together.

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    When we were at CSA in 2010 a bunch of us that were staying in the same building all decided to go to dinner together. There were 12 of us and it wasn't a problem. It just took them a couple of minutes to push some tables together. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to do this at Feather's or Lemongrass, but The Palms and Patios shouldn't be a problem.

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    IMHO the only place to eat at CSA for groups is Palms, it fits in better there..

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    There were 12 of us at CSA last July. All restaurants were very nice about setting up one table for us. Six couples, three of us celebrating anniversaries(34, 20, and first!) We had a great time. Sorry if we spoiled any "romantic" dinners, but I think sharing with friends and family is the greatest!

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    I agree sharing with friends and family is great, but there is a time and place. Spoiling romantic dinners happening around you is just not being considerate of the romantic atmosphere and of two people who may not have any other opportunity to just be together the two of them other than that week or time they are at the resort. I am concerned about the direction this is going, and hope we can maintain the romantic COUPLES atmosphere that is what COUPLES Resorts promotes and what most guests expect and look forward to.

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    Well said SunshinNcoconuts and RubiGal04 - There are other hotels for adults only which are not specifically for Couples, surely if you want to share your holiday with family and friends, they are the hotels to book.

    As the name implies - COUPLES RESORTS are for Couples not groups of family and friends. No offence meant but we specifically go to Couples Resorts so that we can be 'alone together' (particularly when dining in the evening) and not have the romantic atmosphere disrupted by large groups which, owing to the mere fact that they are large, cannot help but be louder.

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    I second SunshinNcoconuts, RubiGal04 and johnirene. This topic has been covered recently, but really folks - don't book Couples if you're looking for a Grouples experience! There are lots of really nice resorts on 7 Mile Beach and in Negril in general - most (if not all) of these resorts are perfect for groups of family/friends wanting to have a nice time.

    For those looking for a family and/or friend reunion/vacation, please review the Couples website information before booking....and please respect the term "couples."

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