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    Default Flight/Reservation Question

    Hi all! I'm a complete newbie here and with international travel so please bear with me if you will.

    In late September we booked our [delayed] honeymoon for this May at CTI . We made the reservations for both the resort and flights here on the website. I have the print out confirming our reservation as well as our flight information.

    The other day I went on the airline websites just to check on the flights (US Airways to and Airtran from) and noticed that our flight on AirTran is no longer listed on their site for the day we will be flying home. To be honest I have very little travel experience so really it could be something as simple as the flight being full and therefore no longer being listed on their site for booking.

    I want to contact Airtran to confirm however I do not have any confirmation directly from Airtran. I'm assuming they will ask for a confirmation number of some sort when I call. The only thing I have is the print out from Couples confirming our reservations. There is an eTicket Airline Confirmation Number on the print out. Is that all I need? Will I receive anything else from the airlines about our reservations?

    Any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated!

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    This would be my suggestion...

    Create frequent flyer accounts on both US Air & Air Tran's website. After you sign up, you can lookup (and then link) your reservation to your account using the airline record locatator which should be on your confirmation. In my experience, when using two airlines, they usually provide two. So if its only one, and it doesn seem to work, I suggest calling Couples (sounds like you booked through them) for the airlien confirmation numbers.

    By doing this you can change seats, get updates of flight changes, checkin online, etc Also the airlien can contact you in event of delay, change, or problem. Lastly, you will earn miles. Once you go to Couples you will want to go back every year so start saving those miles for a future free trip!

    You will want to do this not only for you, but whomever you are traveling with as well. One person can not earn miles for both passengers.

    Good luck

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    If you call 1-800-air-tran with your airline confirmation number, flight number, and personal information I think they will be able to answer your question. Don't be intimidated with being new to this type of travel.

    Last trip we booked a direct flight with Air Tran and the flight time changed by 10 minutes. This caused them to re-schedule us to a flight with a stop. It was easy to call the 800 number and they quickly changed us back to the direct flight. Check now rather than later since flights for May should still be wide open.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip to CTI. My wife and I also went there for a delayed honeymoon many years ago and are still going back to Couples!

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    All you need is the e-ticket number, that is what I use to look our flights up. And look it up under manage flight. Hope this helps

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    You all are amazing! Thank you so much for the suggestions!

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