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    Default Wine selection at cn


    We will be at CN from Nov.1-Nov. 7. My wife and I both enjoy good wine with dinner. Can anyone tell me about the wine that is available in the restaurants. Do they offer a wine list that you can buy a special bottle from? Also has anyone every brought wine from home and brought it into the restaurant?

    Thanks for the help.


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    Unfortunately, Couples resorts is not known for their a bit of a wine snob myself, I really do not care for their house wines, but you can always purchase from their reserve list. We purchased a great bordeaux at CN one year that knocked our socks off! I don't know, though, about bringing your own wines...
    Heather and Tim

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    Default Wine availability

    Thanks for the info on the wine situation. After a full day of drinking rum and beer a nice red or white wine with the great food will be nice. I heard the house pour is Chilean. How was the reserve list? Hopefully they don't rob you.


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    yes, the house wine is chilean. The reserve list isn't too bad if I remember correctly, though the bottle we bought was around $100 (and that was the top of the list). It was a little expensive, but totally worth it!
    Heather and Tim

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