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    Default transportation to the island

    Hi! just wondering if they boats go back and forth whenever someone want to travel to or from the island, or is it a scheduled, leave at 9 am kind of thing? thanks!
    also, now with the new dock-pier I have read about, is the island almost always an option?

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    The boat does not go on a set schedule. That was one of my concerns before our first trip too. You stand on the pier where they pick up and drop off and they will get the boat and take you in whichever direction you are wishing to go. The water sports staff take very good care of the Islanders, we are their charges for the day. If they can take us over safely, they will. We had a red flag day in November where we didn't get to go over, but otherwise, yes, almost always.

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    The island is always an option. If you are standing on the pier waiting to go over, the boat is always ready. Same thing when you want to leave the island, although I can't imagine anyone really wants to leave, they will be there for you.

    The boat is a pontoon type vehicle. It is much easier to get into and out of than what they used to have for so many years.

    Fair warning. Do not, I repeat, do not wait until your last day. You will be sorry that you did. Go early, stay late.


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    MadTown Mom, the boat will take you back and forth whenever you desire.....just stand on the dock and they'll be right there... enjoy!

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    They will run the boat whenever they see someone waiting at the end of the pier or at the island dock. Sometimes you may have wait a few minutes for them to see you and get the boat going. The guys from watersports usually run the boat. I think the wind and surf needs to be really bad for them to close the island.

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    I think the first departure is 9. They bring you over whenever you are on the dock. Quick and easy.

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    All you have to do is stand on the pier or the dock and you have first class service! Regardless of time. We were there for 10 days last year and were on the island every day - no issues.

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    Just appear on the pier when you want to go out and someone will be there shortly to ferry you to the island. When you are ready to return to the mainland, wait on the dock and again, they will be there shortly. When going back as we do for lunch. We try to watch for the boat bring out folks and then throw our coverups on and head down, just trying to save him a trip.

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    don't worry, we will be over asap. Arriving mon eve means we will be islanders by tues morn!

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