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    Default Tennis info for CSA/any players 25 Feb - 9 March?

    Greetings. Eagerly awaiting our first trip to CSA. Saw on activities schedule there are morning tennis group lessons/round robin matches weekday afternoons. Anyone have info on private lesson bookings/cost? Anyone keen to play? I am intermediate, boyfriend is a local league player (advanced). Mixed doubles or singles, or just a casual hit all good. Prefer not mid-day, of course. Cheers!

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    MeandT, You picked a good week, the visiting is great both for the grp lessons and fun round robins. There
    Are 3 local pros, no charge, just sign up and they will run your butt off. You will find lots of players to hit with, I arrive on the 26 by noon so I can hit late afternoon. My wife also plays, see you at the courts.
    Stephen from NJ. if you have any other questions.

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    Hi SML, Many thanks for the reply. Sent a private message as well. Looking forward to being there! Always fun to meet up with other players. We had a great experience in St. Lucia, where the resort tennis club was actually the local club as well - so we got to meet and play with a good group (although it was only men, so I was on the bench). Beach and general resort at CSA looks superior though - counting the days. Also watching the Aussie Open for inspiration.

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    The visiting pros have always been great at CSA and the facility is very very good! You will enjoy the facitities. What are your dates? Didnt see them listed, I am there 03/09 to 03/18 and always take advantage of instruction and local pros.

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