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    Default Anyone Have Manicure & Pedicure at CSS Spa

    We are coming to our second home in 10 days and my wife can't decide if she wants to get a manicure and pedicure before hand or treat herself while we are at couples San Souci.

    Did anyone get these services done there and liked it or she do it before we get there?

    Thanks for the info.


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    Excellent spa service, you will NOT be disappointed. Also try to have a couples massage in a hut on the cliffs.

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    I was very happy with the mani/pedi I got last year. Used resort credits to cover it.

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    I always have a manicure and pedicure when we go to CSS. Judith, Tessa and Alicia who work in the salon will take very good care of you. Looking forward to "coming home" in 32 days 😄

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    I've had color change but not a full mani, but have had a full pedi twice. Every time was great, the technicians are professional, but always very friendly. The most memorable was two years ago while one of the many brides that are there each year, was having her make up and hair done, we were both from the south and the technicians noticed our accents thought we were related. We had met before, hubby and I were setting on our patio drinking morning coffee and she walked by we both said good morning and started talking she was so excited. So needless to say even after my pedi was done I stayed and talked, helped her out with some decisions, until it time for my hot stone massage. Great way to spend those wonderful credits.

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    Never had a mani or pedi there, but I do have to say, the HOT STONE MASSAGE was out of this world!!

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