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    We will be at CTI on Saturday March 17th on the day that Blackburn Rovers are at home to Sunderland.Does anybody know if the hotel broadcasts Sky TV to enable us see the highlights of the game.
    John & Barbara (England)

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    Hi John and Barbara

    We are also from the UK and my husband was disappointed that SkyGo can't be used outside UK and ROI. CTI does not broadcast Sky TV but they do run ESPN USA channels which sometimes show the highlights of Premier Games.

    We did however take our laptop and before we left downloaded a free SkyOnLine website from which you can watch Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3 plus Eurosport 1 and 2 (they're broadcast from the USA). Using this we could watch Sky Sports in our room or by the swimming pool (there is free WiFi access in the hotel) and I could watch the tennis tournaments from Australia and my husband could catch the Premier Games.

    The only other option, which my husband (a football fanatic!!) had done in the past is to keep checking the live scores using the website on the pc's in the Computer Room near the main pool at CTI.

    You will love CTI - and, as Newcastle Fans, we can only wish Blackburn good luck on 17th March!!

    Mad about tennis

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