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    Default Is it true CSA lost their dive boat?

    Just read this on my scuba forum at the tend of a trip report on the diving with kids at Breezes Negril.

    "BTW, looks like Couples Swept Away lost one of their Newton 36 dive boats on Dec. 3rd. It got washed up against the rocks on Frenchman Hole, and could not be pulled off before it got smashed up."

    Is this true? So sad if yes. I thought CSA & CN each only had one. Are they sharing now?
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    I was there during that time and I remember seeing the Dive boat safely anchored in front of CSA every day. We left on the fourth though so I cannot be sure.

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    We were at CSA last week and it's true that the dive boat isn't in service. Since we don't dive I didn't get any more info but I did hear that it had run aground. They appeared to be using one of the glass bottom type boats to take people out diving.
    Sorry, Steve

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    They lost it years ago, but it has been replaced.

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    I heard that the CSA dive boat hit a rock and was sunk while trying to get it to safety up Black River, and that a salvage company retrieved it and took it back to CSA. Don't know if it can be repaired or not. Just what I heard.

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    It's true and gratefully no-one was hurt...

    They aren't sharing with CN (at least not the week I was there...which was the fateful Saturday through the following Sat). First couple of days we used the glass bottom boat, after that a couples swept away fishing boat, a loaner boat and on one dive the waterskiing boat (man, that was a rough ride). The dive shop handled everything great...sometimes the groups were split between boats to get everyone on. Hopefully soon CSA will be the envy of all the Negril resorts with a lovely brand new boat. Looking forward to next year...

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    Sorry to hear this, but I understand they are going to get a bigger and better dive boat. We will look forward to diving from it! Love CSA!

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    Default Any update?

    Anyone know what the status is on a dive boat for CSA?

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    We were at Swept Away the week before Christmas and I was told a boat was being built and that it would be 4 mos. before delivery. They were running two boats to get the dives going. Things took awhile but the dive guys made it work. Sure do miss the boat but the new one should really be something.

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    I undertand they will have the new one in May. Can't wait to dive from it!

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    Default Dive Boat - R.I.P.

    Attachment 15230Attachment 15229Attachment 15232Attachment 15231Yes, it's true..these were taken last month
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    Pictures above
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