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    Default May 20th through June 3rd and any overlaps Picture thread

    Hi All,
    We have just booked for our 20th trip to CN. Have been to CSS and CSA too but CN will always be home. Hoping to see a lot of familiar faces (there were around 40-50 other couples we had met before on our last trip in December). Hoping to expand that group of friends even further this trip.
    We are from the UK, have no kids (hence the holidays), ride Harleys and follow College (American) football almost religiously.

    See you all in May.

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    We'll be there May 19th to the 26th. We are from Wichita, Kansas. This will be our 3rd time to CN, we have been going every 6 months lately. We were there in May and Nov 2011 and are booked at CN for May and Nov 2012. We are still trying to decide which two of the four Couples resorts for 2013. We will have to make a decision soon as Early Escapes are only about a month away. We have been to CSS and CSA both 1X each.

    We are divers and tend to sit on the beach at the far North end by the dive shack. We love that big tree :-)

    We have 5 kids, but they are getting to the point where they will be leaving soon (all but one), so we may be able to extend our twice yearly stays beyond one week at a time in the next few of years. Here's to dreaming anyway ;-)

    Hubby also loves college football and keeps track of everything going on!

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    Hey Brian_Mendy,

    We'll definitely be meeting since I am a Dive master and spend rather more time in the dive shop than I should. Other than that we don't stray too far from the pool bar. look Forward to meeting you guys.

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    We look forward to meeting you also! We love the dive team and love to hang around with the guys while we are there, too. They are such a great bunch! We'll see you very soon :-)

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    Default Hello!

    Hi all!

    The lovely wife and I will be there again this year for our 18th anniversary! We'll be there on June 2nd, and our anniversary falls on the same night as repeaters dinner. This will be our 5th trip to CN.

    Hopefully we'll run into a few familiar faces again this year!Name:  beach1.jpg
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    Hi Tom and Lori,
    Be great to see you guys again, just be the one day we overlap though...

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    We will be just missing yall this year. We will be there Apr 26 - May 3. Maybe meet up next year. Take care my dear friends. Amanda

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    Hey Amanda and Mike,

    That sucks. We had to move things to late May this year as the airline has changed it's flying days and we wanted to use air miles for an upgrade.
    Have a great trip.
    Much love

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    Hello Kevin and Becky..just returned from our 10 day "super bowl" visit. As usual CN is fantastic. A new touch...beach shop hut just outside of Heliconia grill...on the beach next to the "drink hut"...books......magazines...sunglasses...sun tan lotion etc..
    We are returning this year...June 27 to July 7. This year's celebration will not be the same without you!!!!!

    John and Cheryl Ann

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    Hey John and Cheryl Ann,

    Glad to hear you had a good time as usual.
    Wanted to hear there was a waterside vegetarian like at CSA. But a shop will be handy.
    Have a great trip in July. We will likely be back in november again but I may be changing jobs so will have to see..

    Much love
    Kevin and Becky

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    Oh yeah.......just realised today is the magical double digit day.....99 days to go

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    hey CN couples. my wife and i had our honeymoon there in june 2010. we love itway too much. we are taking her parents with us this time. we arrive june 2 and have to make the sad trip home on june 8.

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    Hi jobrown765,

    We'll hopefully see you there. We'll be leaving the day after you arrive.
    The trick to it never being sad to leave is to always have the next one at least planned if not booked.

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    Well that's another 2 weeks gone.

    86 days to go now.....

    Just over 12 weeks
    That's 2080 hours
    around 125000 minutes
    or just under 7500000 seconds

    I like small numbers so like to think of it as less than 3 months

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    Not really sure what happened to that week, but at least it's another one down....

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    Brian_Mendy & Ninja - We will be there May 19th-26th as well. It's our second trip to Jamaica. Our 32nd wedding anniversary is the 24th. (Note: We aren't that old...just married young)! It sounds like so much fun and, the more I read, the more excited I'm getting.

    Hopefully we can all meet up! We want this trip to kick-start semi-annual trips. We love Jamaica!

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    Hi Toi and Robert,
    We'll see you there. We tend to hang around the pool bar most days.
    Just a little over 10 weeks to go now. We always find 10 weeks to be a milestone, then 6 weeks (for some reason) then 10 days when I can start the picture countdown on here every day.

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    We are getting excited too :-) We hope to meet all of you while we are there! Only 71 days left!

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    Time for another pic.......65 days to go.....

    This one is 6am on the beach in front of next door looking back towards CN....

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    Do any of you venture over to the AN side of the beach? Robert wants us to try it, but I'm not totally convinced yet. I'm working on it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toi/Robert View Post
    Do any of you venture over to the AN side of the beach? Robert wants us to try it, but I'm not totally convinced yet. I'm working on it though.
    Only when a bit drunk and it was the closest bar to the ocean.
    My wife and a friends wife went to get a drink then came back in the water.
    Met quite a few people over the years who use it for part of the day.

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    Another week down....Less than 8 to go now.
    Keeping busy to make them go a little quicker.

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    Hey all.......

    50 Days to go.......

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    nothing like the first day in jamaica,AHHHH.

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