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    Default cti schedule

    hi friends,
    if anyone who has been to cti recently can either post a current schedule of activities or let me know if the one that is on the website is current, i would be very grateful! thanks!!

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    Not sure how recent it is, but this is on the CTI website, most of them seem to have a link under "Inclussions and Activities on the left of the page.

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    thadeus, i checked that out. my question is to anyone that has recently gone or is going accurate is that? obviously i'm a hyper-planner.

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    Hi madtown mom

    We leave in 4 days for CTI and will gladly let you know. Please email us at after the 20th upon our return. The nightly activities ususally stay the same but daytime may vary depending on participation.

    Paul & Debbie
    Loyalists since 1980

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    paul and debbie, you are the best!!

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    I will say, I was at CTI in August and I downloaded their schedule from the website the week before and they followed it to a T.
    There were some changes due to weather, but other than that--it was accurate.

    Be sure to check the chalk board in the main eating area for each day's activities and spa specials!

    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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