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    Default golf at negril hills...

    very excited for our upcoming trip (arrive feb 5) to couples negril. it is our 2nd visit and this time we are travelling with two other couples of friends.

    two of the guys intend on playing one round of golf. any tips/advice would be appreciated. i have read some recommendations (we will rent clubs, but be sure to bring our own shoes, balls, tees, etc).

    in addition to any general thoughts, i would appreciate insight regarding the "hilliness" of the course. some have written that, even though you must use a caddy, it is still recommended to take a golf cart? is it really that challenging to walk? we are mid 50's, but pretty "able".

    thanks in advance!!!

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    Not only is it hilly as allllll hell but it will be HOT too. Suggest cart and lots of water. Don't forget to buy water for your caddy and bring lots of balls even if you are a good golfer. Anything off the fairway is lost in the jungle. Hit it long and it is lost in the jungle. Lots of blind shots that when you get around the bend, your ball is lost in the jungle.... also, listen to the caddy, they know ever shot and every green like the back of their hand. Have fun!!!!

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    thanks bearso! (will feel a tad strange in a golf cart while someone else is walking and carrying my bag?!?!)

    anyone else with comments would also be appreciated.

    t-minus 25 days!!!!!!!

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    Your bags will be on the cart with you. Usually when two people play and take a cart they have one caddy, but the caddy won't have to carry the bags unless you don't take a cart.
    Have fun!

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    Hi owrp,
    I've played Negril Hills with my two buddies when we were at CSA back in 2008. We were there again this past December but didn't play golf. It seems that sand gravity was very strong this past trip so we just went across the street and played racket ball a couple of times instead. To answer your question, no the course is not too hilly that you must take a cart. We were in our mid 50s when we played and we usually walk when playing here at home. Yes it will be warm but not so much so that you'll pass out as long as you drink a few Gatorades during the round. Plus if you play 18 holes it'll be in the morning before the mid-day heat really kicks in. Grabbing a Red Stripe while waiting for the van to come pick you up also helps. We had a blast walking the course with our caddies Ronnie (female) and Nevel so I highly recommend asking for them. Tell them Steve from New York says hello.
    I don't know what category room you've booked, but I highly recommend that you get one on the ground floor so you can just walk out your verandah door into the beautiful grounds. We finally got a ground floor room this past trip and loved it especially when our early morning breakfast tray was delivered to our door. Here's a few pictures of us at the course. Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!
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    Go and enjoy the course and the local flavor provided by your caddie but please, please, take the advise and pay for the cart. The course is hilly and even in Feb it will be hot and humid. Don't take the chance of the heat ruining your fun. I will second Bearso's comment, listen to the caddie, they know the course and the greens. I am not sure where you are heading there from but it is a shame that you can't bring your own sticks, the rentals there are not the best from my memory of our trip in 2010. They may have upgraded since then? Enjoy, we will be playing twice during our trip in April, If I find one of your lost nuggets, where should I mail it back to?

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    thank you all!!! @mick...we are coming from NJ, just send the lost ball that you find there, i am sure the post office will then forward it to me, lol

    i am still debating on bringing my clubs, but between the extra luggage fee and having to lug them???? i might just accept that the purpose of the round is to enjoy the scenery and not care much about the score.

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    Hmm, lost balls, I purchased 6, came back with 5. I must have been lucky. Even had several opportunities to buy more on the course, used of course $1 a ball. Cracked me up though, my golf cost me a total of $100 by the time I bought, rented and tipped my way around the course. Loved it though not complaining. Had a female caddie who was a hoot, can't remember her name though. Saw a weasel on the course and other golfers only at the 18th. And don't you know I had to wait on them, no idea where they came from. WE argued on club selection on a par 3, she wanted me to hit a 7 I wanted to hit a 9, I won hit the 9 and she said Oh Mon, where you come with that swing. I was within 8 feet of the pin and that was my only birdie of the round. Great time, fun worth it, but I did it once, first time there, and now 4 years and 4 trips later I just let sand gravity takes it's course, that and red flag service.

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    @smroot, great story, my caddie just kept telling me "you pick da club mon! your swing so bad, you never be hitting it da same way twice mon !
    That caddie could read the greens though, once I finally got there

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