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    Default The best resort?? any tips??

    We are thinking about visiting one of the resorts for our anniversary in October. We have 4 children (Cara 9, Gabriel 5, Janie & Sophie 2- Janie is handicapped, so daily life is hectic) this will be our first vacation alone. We'd like it to be perfect

    Which of the resorts are the best and why?

    Any tips anyone would like to share about that time of year or anything would be appreciated!!

    My husband is badly motion sick. So if there is traveling to the resort from the airport, we would need to drive. Does anyone have any experience to share about this??

    Which resorts are closest or furthest from an airport??

    Thanks so much to everyone that helps!
    Stephen & Heather

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    Welcome to the Couples Family!

    The "Which Resort is Best?" question is I think the most often asked (and hardest to answer) on the message board. Although I am sure there are many out there who will tell you their favority resort and why, I would encourage you to instead ask "Which resort is best for me?" That answer will depend entirely on you, I'm afraid.

    I have been to both CTI and CN, and will say that I love CTI for Tower Island, Bayside (the beautiful doc restaurant), as well as the Old Hollywood charm. But, really, you can't go wrong with any of the 4. You will still be greeted with the best staff, most included excursions, and most delicious food that any of the AIs can offer. My best advice is to look at the photos of each resort and see which one "speaks" to you. For me, as soon as I saw the picture of Tower Island I knew I had found my answer. We will be going back for our fourth trip in September.

    Let us know what you decide!

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    Hi Stephen and Heather,

    Welcome to the Couples message board and we hope you will soon become part of the Couples family.

    There's not a lot of difference in the distance from the airport to each of the resorts - all around 1.5 to 2 hrs depending on traffic. However, I also suffer badly from motion sickness and need to be either driving or in the front passenger seat of cars. All the buses which have transferred us to the resorts have had a seat at the front on the opposite side to the driver (effectively a car front passenger seat) and I have requested if possible to sit in this seat. There has never been a problem and I have always been ok. I wouldn't recommend driving as Jamacian drivers are pretty scary!! If a bus is really out of the question, perhaps you could hire a cab and Stephen could sit in the front with the driver?

    As for which resorts are the best - as you will see from this board, everyone has their own opinion on this but if you keep looking at the resort webpages one of them will appeal/call to you more than the others and that's the one which is best for you.

    We've only been to Couples at Christmas/New Year and August/September so can't advise on October time of year but we can say that every time we have been we have had a holiday in paradise. You will be looked after like royalty and will be able to unwind and relax alone together - whichever resort you choose it will be perfect for you.

    Happy Anniversary in October and congratulations.

    Mad about tennis

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    Hi Stephen & Heather,

    It can't really say which resort would be best until we make it to all of them but I'm sure they all are equally great!

    We spent our anniversary at CN last October. We been married several years and have had many great anniversaries but the one at CN was the best. The weather was perfect, the water was warm, the beach was perfect, the food wonderful and it felt like we were at the most friendly place in the world.

    This Oct. we'll be spending anniversary at CSS. We're looking forward to seeing a new place and having another new adventure.

    The ride from the airport to CN took an hour or two but we enjoyed it. It was just another part of our adventure.

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    Thanks so much for answering our questions. I guess we really like CTI for the decor in the building, it is just beautiful and the island is a beautiful view We also like CSA for the length of the beach, the outside is heavenly! Then we kinda thought about CSS, being on the cliffs give a different view & beauty, but ultimately decided that we didn't want to have to do all the stairs. So it is between CTI & CSA, it is still up in the air.. We're really hoping to make it this year, depends on funds.. But even if not this year, we will most definately come as soon as we can! Our names have been called and we must answer!

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    Welcome to our Couples family.

    As you can see from the posts above, there is simple answer to "which is best". With four "sisters" under the name of Couples, each has its own unique ambiance, look and feel. The only thing that you will find that is the same, will be the staff. At all four properties .you will find that the staff makes your vacation a memorable one. They will treat you with unquestionalbe kindness and make you feel as though they have known you forever.

    By looking at the four virtual tours for each resort, you will get an idea of what they have to order. Do you want long beaches to walk each day? Would you like to have sports orierntated activities? Would you prefer a smaller resort with a smaller bea If you check out each one, chances are, one will speak to your heart. Go with it. The truth is, you can't make a wrong choice.

    Those of us that have been going to Jamaica for some time are known as repeaters. So if you ask us which one is best, we will have a somewhat slanted view because we each think our resort of choice is the best.

    We started going to COR about fifteen years go. It is now known as Couples Tower Isle. It had a complete make over a few years ago and looks absolutly gorgeous. In April, we will return for the 33 time. That should tell you something right there. We also visited CSS one time while CTI was being renovated. It too is beautiful with its own feel. But our hearts belong to CTI.

    The bus ride to each resort is about two hours. If you would like to get a car and driver rather than the bus, that can be arranged when you get to the Couples lounge at the airport when you arrive.

    We also have a daughter with special needs, who now lives in a resedence not to far from our home. We also had not had a vacation alone for 25 years. With the four kids you have, I know that this will be a very welcomed break for both of you.

    While your kids are being cared for by whom ever you leave them with, you two will be taken care of by the staff at Couples.

    Good luck with your decision. It will be the right one.


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    Our preference is CTI. We have trip #6 planned for July. We love the staff! They are wonderful. The rooms are very close to the water. We also like that the beach, while small is a private beach. That means that only CTI guests and staff are on the beach. They allow one vendor to sit near the beach side gift shop each day, except Monday, which is Beach Party Night. On that afternoon/evening, they will have several local vendors.

    I, too struggle with motion sickness--can't sit in the backseat of car, can't do the catamaran (okay, I have done it twice, but was miserable). I take non-drowsy dramamine just before landing into Montego Bay and I am fine. I also pack a small snack for the bus--cheese crackers and take water with me from the lounge.

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    They're verrrry different resorts....Read up on both, both here and on tripadvisor, and see which one speaks to you....We're CSA enthusiasts, and wouldn't choose CTI because of its South Beach / hotel vibe, and others would have the opposite opinion.

    The thing to remember is that the Couples brand, which emphasizes customer service and great food and amenities is consistent across resorts. You won't go wrong, whichever resort you choose....


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