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    Default Trying to vacation elsewhere, but.....

    we were reminded today why we love Couples. We keep feeling like we should try something different for vacation this year, but we can't seem to find anything to match the value and experience. Is this a common problem? It looks like the third time will be the charm at CTI this year (although the first and second trips were obviously amazing).

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    LOL - yes I understand!!! We honeymooned last year with a Bahamas cruise and a trip to Universal in Orlando. While we had a GREAT time, all I could think about was how I missed the relaxed pace of Jamaica the two previous years. So.....vacation this year is back to CSA in May!

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    If you feel like you should try something different, then try a different Couples Resort. I bet you would love the Negril side of the island. Give a try.

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    When will you be there?

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    After many years of going to Jamaica for our Winter vacation, we almost went to Costa Rica to visit my husbands sister & husband. But after all the months of research, nothing came close to what we could get at Couples! Yeah mon Feb. 22cd! C.N.!!!!! We just can't do it!

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    Same here. We looked and looked for something different for our twentieth anniversary in September 2012, but just couldnt find anything to beat Couples. We even tried to go to a new Couples resort but CSS kept calling to us!

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    There are many couples that have felt the same way. Some did go to other locations such as Mexico, Dominican Republic and other Carribbean islands. Most if not all came back to Couples.
    Margi had a good idea, try one of the other Couples resorts. That's about as different as you will need. There really isn't any resort anywhere that will give you what you get at Couples. That's why repeaters, those of us that keep coming back year after year, accounts for about 30%-35% of their overall business. If that figure is incorrect, perhaps Randy or Ivonna will give the correct percentage.

    We have returned to CTI 32 times. There are many couples that have done twice that amount and more. It just keeps getting better.


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    Same here! We looked at cruises, other islands but kept coming back to the great value, and the fabulousness of
    Sans Souci. My sister has shares in a beautiful resort in the carribean that we can go to (she has access to all their properties. They offer limo service, spa and mega all inclusive (they get black band service) but its a family resort and they have over 4000 rooms! Talk about Marble palaces! Give us Couples Resorts anyday.

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    I must concur! This Dec 2011, we said, that was our last time for abit to goto Couples. 2009 CN, 2010/2011 to CSA.
    Now it is January, and again we are about to pull the trigger on CSA for 2012. It is just such a great resort, beach and atmosphere! Keep it up!
    Respect Mon!

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    We went to Maui last year for our 30th and really enjoyed our trip. We have looked at other destinations and resorts this year. But, really canít come up with any other place that would have all the attributes that we really like. We picked Couples Swept Away back in 2006 and have come to call it home. We go on vacation to relax, enjoy, and rejuvenate our love for each other. The rhythm of Jamaica and Couples just fits for us.

    Life is good

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    Ya know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    There was a post here on the MB about not seeing the world with your eyes, look at it with your heart. My heart keeps telling me CTI is still where we want to be.

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    We had thought that in the past as well figuring the world is a big place and so much more to see in life. We tried D.R & Mexico and wouldn't go back to either. After being spoiled at Couples its really hard to want to take a chance trying to find someplace compairable. At Couples you know exactly what you are getting so if it isn't broken, why try to fix it? Its the whole package that makes it our vacation destination from the resort itself, the better class of guests, great food & entertainment and the wonderful staff they employ. As long as they don't over price themselves or make any noticeable economic cutbacks we'll keep going back again. About to book our 12th return already.

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    I thought Costa Rica is an ideal holiday destination not only for couple but for family also.I am merely amazed by it's beauty of landscape and catchy sights.

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