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    Default How Far is Floyd's Pelican Bar from CSA?

    and how can you make arrangements to get there? How much money should you bring? Is this a "tour" or can you come and go as you please?

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    Floyd's is over in the Treasure Beach area, I believe (never been). It is NOT a tour thing, but I suppose it qualifies as one of those uniquely Jamaican touristy things to do. My impression is that its 1-1/2 to 2 hours from Negril.

    Its a bar... approach it as a bar (from expectations and cash standpoint), except by boat, which you will need to hire. You'll also need to get there, most likely by hiring a driver, and yes, you can come and go as you please.

    Hope that helps...

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    The desk will be able to help you book it, I suggest combining it with possibly YS Falls, or Appleton Estates or Black River and turn it into an excursion.

    We did it with YS and Black River it was a very full day, if you look at my album in my profile you will see pic's of all 3.

    It is about 1-1/2 hrs, then about a 20-30 min boat ride depending on if you see dolphins which we did!

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    Default Floyd's Pelican Bar

    Floyds is off Treasure Beach on the South Coast. It's not a bar that you can just go to. It's on a platform offshore. You would have to get in touch with somebody to take you . Try calling Jake's to see if they can arrange it. You will have to be taken by boat and chances are you will be the only ones there. sometimes Floyd is there, sometimes he's not and then all there is, is a cooler with drinks and it works on the honor system. It's different and fun. Would I do it from CSA. NO. It's not worth the hassle unless you're staying down there. Hope this helps.

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    Pelican Bar is about 5 miles off the shore of Treasure Beach. It is about a 2 hour ride there and I suggest adding other site seeing adventures when you go. We also did Black River and YS Falls tours.

    You will need to hire a driver to take you to Treasure Beach and then hire a boat to take you to Pelican Bar. There are not boats waiting to take you at anytime. You will need to make arrangements for the boat captain. All arrangements can be made at the resort. The trip we took had us away from the resort for about 8 hours.

    I wouldn't exactly say that Pelican Bar is 'come & go'. The captain of the boat takes you to the bar and then back to shore. You wouldn't want to be going back and forth and there isn't really anything to do on shore once you reached there.
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    IMHO I would add Pelican Bar to another adventure and make a day out of your trip. It is a 1.5 hour ride down and 1.5 back so there goes 3 hours of your day. Add it to Black River Safari or YS Falls and your day is full.

    We booked our adventure and took in the Black River Safari, Bar From NoWhere, Pelican Bar and YS Falls. Also a stop at a road side kitchen for lunch. Our trip was arranged thru an off resort tour service and as a group we save a few $$$.

    If you want more info drop me an email and I'll send you a site full of pictures and the info for the service. RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM

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