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    Default Changes to csa since dec 2011

    We spent 5 magical days @ CSA in December 2011 and plan to return this December 2012. I read that Patios now requires reservations...this wasn't the case when we were there. That got me thinking "I wonder what else has changed that we might need to be aware of" I did so much research on this MB before we went that we didn't even bother going to orientation (didn't want to miss one second of the beach) and everything worked out just fine.

    So can anyone give me any info on any changes that they might be aware of. When we were there I believe the International Buffet was on Monday~Beach Party was on Friday~Lobster Night was Saturday. And I believe the vendors were allowed to set up on Thursday (which I very much enjoyed) The only restaurants that required reservations were Feathers & Lemongrass...

    If anyone has any info please feel free to post.

    Also does anyone know of any shops that we could get authentic Jamaican wares....we like really unique things to take home to remind us of our trip (especially jewelery) and found a few from the vendors but didn't know if anyone knew of any others

    One more thing! We aren't going to be able to book until probably April or May for December of 2012...we like the Ocean Verandah Suites. Has anyone had any trouble in the past cutting it that close to book?

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    Hummmm.... We went to CSA back in 06 and I am almost certain that we had to make reservations for Patios back then. I remember some friends trying to get us to go on an excursion with them and we didn't want to break our reservation for the evening because we were afraid that we could not get it rescheduled.

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    This would be interesting to know. We were last there in May 2010 and Patios did not require a reservation but one morning we did have to wait a bit as it was raining and EVERYONE was waiting to get in for breakfast. The only places needing a reservation then were Feathers and Lemongrass.

    Kat - you may want to do the shopping trip into Negril next time. A lot of the shops have the same things but you do come across some gems.

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    As of Dec 2011 ( I think you mean you were there in Dec 2010?) Patois Patio does not require reservations for any meals ( except on New Years Eve ) , but that may change depending on the time of year. The resort is full around the Holidays.
    Feather and Lemongrass - yes..all of your other info is still in place...

    There are various Vendors set up almost every day until about 5pm, and then on Friday night during the Shipwreck Beach Pary they stay there on the path until 10pm.

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    Sounds about right, Patios does reservation in the off season. But its not busy so getting them should be easy. Dec usually sells out and prices do nothing but go up, I would book now with one of their payment plans and let the count down begin.

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    No reservations for patois during busy times of the year (fall-spring).

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    We were just at CSA this past December and no you do not have to make reservations for Patois. I think the limited time reservations were required there was because the Palms restaurant was being renovated. We're thinking about making reservations for this December to celebrate my 60th birthday. But I'm not going to wait too long to make the reservations. CSA is usually pretty well booked up in December so you might not get the room category you want. We stayed in a first floor Garden Verandah suite this year right in front of the small koi pond and it was perfect. Make sure you order your continental breakfast the night before and enjoy it on your verandah while you're getting ready for the day. If you want to get some local flavor and products give a tour guide named Joe Cool Taxi and Tours. He took us to Mayfield Falls and for a tour around Negril one day. He has a lot of local knowledge and is as cool as his name so I'm sure you'll be happy with him. Your activities schedule is pretty accurate from what I recall. Monday night is the Repeaters Dinner and it was the best meal we had all week so don't skip it. Good luck and maybe we'll see you there.

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    So sorry! I meant to say changes since 2010!!!!!!!! Seems like just yesterday we were there!

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    We go every December , see you then. Larry and Judi

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    We stayed in 06/2009 we HAD to make reservations for Feathers Lemongrass & Patios.

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    Was there this past December 2011 and Patios did not require reservations, just Lemongrass and Feathers.

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    We were at CSA in October 2011 and we had to make reservations for Patois, but only for dinner.

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