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    Default Room input: OFVS? Upgrade? Reviews?

    My soon-to-be husband and I are going to CSA for our honeymoon. We got engaged in November 2011 and are being married in March 2012 in the Florida Keys and are working with a travel agent to book all of this stuff for us. She booked us a OFVS at CSA in March. Any thoughts on that?

    I've seen previous posts about being able to upgrade when you check in. We wanted a BFVS but they were sold out. Is there a newer or better portion of the hotel we should be in? Can we upgrade to something better? We want to wake up and see the ocean and be able to have our own private deck/verandah. Thanks for any and ALL input!!! This is the time we would absolutely splurge and upgrade and would want the best room at CSA (not ground floor). Thanks, again!!!!


    P.S. we picked Couples because my family owns a vineyard in Oregon and we grow/sell/bottle/label wine for Couples. If you've had their Pinot Gris (I think it's Love Potion 2?) then you've had my wine!

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    Hi K&P - congratulations on your upcoming wedding. The ONLY difference between an Ocean Verandah Suite and a Beachfront Verandah Suite is the location. The BFVS buildings are literally right on the beach path. The OVS buildings are directly behind the BFVS buildings. Some OVS rooms do have obstructed views of the ocean. But they all have large balconies with fans, a chair, and a couch. Having said all that, we usually book the BFVS room category. Nothing like waking up and looking directly out onto the beach. Less than 3 weeks and we'll be there!

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    You must mean an ocean veranda suite. There is no oceanfront veranda suite. Don't want you to think you'll be on the beach. OVS are tucked behind the bfvs and you may have a partial view of the sea. They are very nice and only a minute walk to the beach. Every suite at CSA has a veranda. The beachfront suites were probably sold out too as If I could afford it, I would choose those. You can always ask about an upgrade when you arrive but the resort is probably booked solid. Never hurts to ask.

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    It is ove Potion 4 2 and it is served at the private dinner on the beach. We had a beach dinner our second stay last Nov/Dec 2011. I dont drink wine but my husband enjoyed the whole bottle and felt GREAT when it was gone. We asked to keep the empty bottle as the lable is so nice and we have it displayed in our curio cabinet with all of our other Jamaica Souvenirs. Enjoy your stay.

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